You can revere the heros of our history who otherwise often lead sordid lives and will avoid any loss of faith because you are seeing the truth. The sacred is here in this life that you may have judged profane.

Big Picture Awareness in Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Today, we are discussing the sacral or second chakra. Whereas the first is everything primitive and impulsive and alive, the second is the level at which our more complicated perceptions are formed.

The enteric nerve plexus (that centers more or less around the stomach and intestines) is almost as sophisticated as the brain. The cardiac nerve plexus (heart), as well as the brain, actually take their pattern from this first center of awareness.

You don’t have one brain, you have three, and just as the brain in your head has three parts, the other two brains also have three parts. This is the basic structure of the chakras, and it is a helpful way to remember what the chakras do.

The root chakra also corresponds to the r-complex in the brain, and the messages from that little bulb on top of the spinal cord are actually just translated impulses from the core enteric awareness. The second chakra layers over the root chakra, just like the limbic system in the brain layers over the r-complex.

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The lower three chakras are like the three parts of the brain? Yes, exactly.

Just as you have repeated and supportive systems in the body, it happened with the development of the nerve centers as well. Each of these centers in the nervous system generates its own morphic field, or auras if you will, which broadcast out and attenuate around the higher energy centers in your energy field.

Do the three parts in the brain obtain sensory input from the corresponding chakra? They actually obtain their psychic energy from these centers. They aren’t as sensitive as the higher centers, but the higher centers cannot operate without the energy of the lower ones. Nor can they structure their perceptions in a way that is disconnected from the lower centers. Your higher reasoning is all based on the same pattern that controls your abdominal cavity.

The stomach and intestines seem very much to be thinking. They react to everything quickly. Yes, they do. But the regions of your stomach brain aren’t necessarily all in agreement. Just the same as the brain in your skull, they actually can be set to struggle with each other.

An imbalance gives you a tummy ache, so this is the gut feeling? Indeed, it is, and if the first and second charkas aren’t in balance, the senses as you are conscious of them, and your emotions, won’t be in balance either. Pleasant sounds will be aversive. Appealing scents will smell sickeningly sweet. These are just a few of the physical symptoms of a disconnected first and second chakra. Where the root chakra could be seen to be like an amoeba (seek out and eat whatever you find), the second charka is the more evolved organism that can consider that maybe it shouldn’t eat that, and it is even drawn to join into a colony with others of its own kind.

Without the second chakra, nothing seems connected or coherent, and nothing much makes sense except for whatever sensation your are feeling at the moment.

I think my chakras are out of line often. That is perhaps one of the most common breaks in the charka system, between the first and second. But if that bond is out of whack, it just escalates further up. It’s at the second chakra that you begin to be aware of the big picture, as they say.

I get tension in my stomach so often, always butterflies and stuff. If I feel stressed, my tummy is the first thing to alert me to it. It’s a common reaction. Some people stay out of whack so long and get out of whack so often they wind up with ulcers, or in men prostate cancer.

Is this a struggle because society is always telling us to be social and ignore the root chakra influence by saying it’s selfish? Yes. That does create an early developmental stress. It blocks our ability to actually make sense of our root chakra nature. They insist we accept invasive conditioning rather than grow into a more natural symbiosis, and this is perhaps the main killer of men.

It fits the sexual stereotype. Yes, but more than that. We are more or less forced to interpret our second chakra experiences in an objective and left brained way.

The root chakra is left brained, the second charka is right brained, and it alternates for part of the way up the ladder of the centers. So root is left, second is right, third is left, heart center is right, throat center is left, pineal is right, and they both join at the crown.

Is this why a gut feeling is often something we can’t explain logically? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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