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Compromised Memory in Law of Infinite Universes

Law of Infinite Universes

The basic building block of the human body is the cell, yes? The material that supposedly retained the memory is not lost or eliminated so there is no material loss to go with the memory loss. What would you think is the brain of the individual cell?


Well, what is the brain of matter? Connections. Perhaps also the nucleus?

If you remove the nucleus from a cell, it will survive. If the nucleus of the cell was its brain, its behaviour would shut down and it would die but no such thing happens, and there are bacteria that have no nucleus at all but carry on all life functions, even food seeking and self preservation. The denucleated cell only dies any faster because it loses its ability to repair damaged cell structures. It effectively loses its memory. Just as a human with amnesia can very often function almost entirely in a normal way even retaining learned physical and procedural skills, so does the altered cell.

We have many nerve clusters in our bodies. Indeed. Stomach, spine, etc. And they have found no centre for memory. They have been able to alter the apparent ability of specific processes in memory, but have found no single region of memory. If anything, evidence seems to point at the idea that the whole brain is a memory device.

Perhaps the brain is outside of the body. The brain is definitely in the human body, but the brain is not as significant as it seems in the whole picture of things. I meant the mind, consciousness.

The concept of old age memory loss, well… They have found no biological basis for it. There are some selective complications that can arise in specific individuals, but no biological mechanism points to memory loss as a rule of the human brain.

I read an article today that mentioned how important sleep is to memory. Sleep and dreaming. If they strategically interrupt your dream cycle or give you drugs that keep your brain from dreaming, your memory will become seriously impaired as well as your perception and judgement.

Yes, interesting that altered consciousness matters so much to what we consider so concrete as memory.

If the cell nucleus and thus the reproductive genes are not the core of cellular function, then the only thing left would be molecules themselves, and the only thing differentiating animate from inanimate molecules from each other is their organization, their dynamic interaction with each other.

It wouldn’t be the first time that something thought with its reproductive organs. Indeed.

So what do you think so far? Ultimately, the closest thing you have to a physical basis for the behaviour of your living body is molecular.

I think you are right that interaction between molecules is a big part of consciousness, and I think science is going to come to this conclusion as well.

Well, other than molecules couldn’t energy have consciousness? Molecules can’t have behaviour without energy. Their structure and changing conformance is dictated by shifting patterns of polarization.

But energy can exist without molecules. Ultimately, nothing can exist alone because the apparent difference between states of being is an illusion. There ultimately isn’t a material object to stop or start existing in the first place. Ultimately, material reality never happened.

Molecules might be what makes individual consciousness?

We are all just vibrating fields.

This seeming forgetting of events, shifting cognizance of reality as we know/knew it, occurs because the energy dynamics of the various molecules in our body shift. They shift because the potential to exist shifts. Something positively polarized becomes negative, or something non-polarized is replaced with a polarized particle.

The energy patterns are what makes the molecules.

So it makes energy patterns? I mean it changes the patterns? Yes.

Your memory changes not because your brain failed to retain information, but because the information ceases to be true, to be actual. This falling out of the actualized reality can occur by degrees. So something that was true can become only partially true, and in time not true at all, and every bit of your matter will behave as if this new state of consciousness was always the way the universe was.

Kinda like the idea that gods only have power if they have worshippers.

So when old people loose their memories they are beginning to exist in a different pattern?

So the timeline may be altering all the time and we go with the flow.

They don’t lose their memories, but their interface with memory can become compromised. But yes, eventually the mind begins to re-contextualize itself, translate into a new phase of existence.

Perhaps people with dementia are slipping into another plane of existence, and their ramblings actually make sense in that other dimension.

They talk to people we can’t see a lot but then again so do I.

It’s not optimal and is perhaps ultimately why they tend to not have long in this world. The stresses of being pulled between states of existence can be too much to bear. Those who manage to adapt to that state of existence also find ways to effectively translate their experience, thus the stories of shamans and bards and the like.

The water molecule says to his neighbours, “We must form a crystallized structure!”… They all think he is crazy, until he becomes ice.

You just have to learn the dance.

Corruption of the memory medium is still to be avoided. It is best to seek healing or defragmentation if you become alienated from living this existence.

Those are the two things that fix my computer… restore and defrag.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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