Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Law of Infinite Universes Application in Law of Infinite Universes

Law of Infinite Universes

So shall we get to actual application of the Law of Infinite Universes?

The process of manifestation is governed by the confirmation of attention, so our pattern of attention may resist the possibility of the thing we seek to manifest. The way to allow the manifestation through is to ask yourself, to find the answer within yourself, “Who am I in a universe in which this thing is possible?” Because the perception of the persistent self is a byproduct of memory, is the echo of memory. Memory itself is an echo in the energy that is intelligence. We change the memory self when we change the pattern of attention.

Does it increase intelligence? Intelligence can neither be created nor destroyed, just differentiated. This differentiation process goes on to feed the differentiation of the souls around us, but this process I describe is not artificial. You can’t just decide to be different. You can’t make it up. You have to observe. You have to notice that self in the universe where the intended outcome is possible. No amount of thinking will do this for you. Realization, attention, feeling approaches the threshold of realization more closely than conventional thought ever does.

So perhaps a conceptual demonstration. Pick something you might choose to manifest?

Health. Ok, then you would have to direct your attention in this way, and it can help to define more specifically what aspect of your health you would want to strengthen. Let’s say stamina. Ask yourself, who am I in a universe where I have greater stamina? Or immune strength. Who am I in a universe where I have greater viral or bacterial resistance? As you direct your attention in that way, realizing those traits of yourself that provide stamina or resilience in the face of viral infection, your intelligence will realign and the behaviour of your physical body will reflect that same energy which is intelligence, because that is what it’s made up of, and you will display the health you seek to manifest. Wishing won’t do it. Imagination is closer but still not sufficient.

Yes, I agree. You have to know who you really are, your higher self. You have to know all the ‘who’ states you can be, or all the collection of being states you would prefer to be as opposed to those you would prefer to avoid. But you don’t get to change and have the world remain the same. Likewise, you don’t get to change the world and stay the same yourself. It’s one process, one object. You don’t get to change others. They are not passive objects. They are not subject to the process of attention that allows control of manifestation or creation.

But when you change there is a direct influence on the ALL. Direct contribution to spirit in the world and beyond the world, the shared spirit of things, akasha, mana, chi, this is enriched, refined by personal change, fostering newer and perhaps stronger changes in the future for you and those around you. In Buddhism, they refer to it as transference of merit. Merit is karma is akasha. If we all lived in this state of awareness of ourselves, it would strengthen the well of souls as a whole, yes. It would be much better if we stopped poisoning the well so much, move beyond the fever dream we have been living.

The souls need to evolve, become self aware. That cannot happen in sublimation, in seeking to denature the self.

What do you mean by sublimation? Sublimation in alchemy is breaking something down to its building blocks, its salts and its waters. The soul is not lesser than its substance. It’s not lesser than spirit. It is greater than the sum of its parts.

So what do you mean by denature? Sublimation into spirit is a corruption. Spirit takes on patterns of conformation. This is why personal universes aren’t formless and empty, why they aren’t meaningless voids.

Denature makes them this way? Trying to submerge the soul into the spirit denatures it. Denature means to break down, to destroy nature or form.

How do you submerge the soul into the spirit? By seeking nirvana instead of samadhi, seeking unity instead of the one pointed state. It’s the difference between a Buddha and a Bodhisattva.

But we are always united. There is nothing to seek. There is everything to express which appears as seeking until you understand attention, the one point.

Yes, that is why we chose to be here, but it is that ability to be aware of you as the All that allows greatest awareness of this state? You exist to be aware of you as the you, or there would have been no you. You contribute to the well being of all as you, not as dissolved into the all.

Well I hope this had some value. I do hope there was something of worth in this for you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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