The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Don’t Know, Don’t Care in Apathy


What is apathy?

Not caring.

Being disengaged.

Don’t know and don’t care. You brought up an important element of apathy as an experience. Most of the time when we experience apathy, it’s when we are confronted with a situation we don’t know how to deal with.

In this information age, it would seem that engagement and enthusiasm would be the rule. In a way, it is more the rule than it used to be thus you have all these subcultures in Second Life and on the internet in general. I am even considering purchase of a book that discusses gaming as culture. Church was about all there was for a subculture not too long ago, even to the point that academia and the church were functionally the same thing. Even a non clerical academic was an acknowledged layperson in the church. This is where we get the term and why we still use it even though we have forgot it’s meaning.

Clerical? Priests, but yes even the term clerical. The keepers of genealogies and history, as well as science for a time, were clerics, priests and monks.

Applying for a clerical job, I thought I had to bring my mace and holy water. In a sense, you did. Dark parking lots can require mace, especially for women unfortunately.

We now have a new caste of clerics. How well are they contributing to cultural well being would you say?

Depends on which sect.

Not sure, but they seem to be the rulers now.

Who are these new casts? Journalists, scientists, and politicians.

Current journalists are self-serving. Indeed, at least bloggers are honest about their self interest. They don’t pretend to be keeping to some abstract ideal of social service while betraying that all the way.

Isn’t every one self serving? So I am hearing some apathy here. Do you recognize what I am identifying as apathy?

Yes… I don’t care about the news. Oh, that’s part, yes, but there is more apathy I am referring to.

Everyone is self serving, and the beliefs that are just spin offs of that concept, is apathy. It shuts down any motivation to consider the genuine possibility of community values and shared well being. We believe many things in the world today, and are honestly encouraged to.

I have recently read an excellent definition of belief, generalized perception. Belief = generalized perception. Accurate or not accurate, whatever observations you hold to, are your beliefs.

Like the idea of censorship being for the good of the innocent public? Indeed, advocacy of censorship is apathy. Any belief that discourages further attention is apathy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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