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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Life Unrealized in Apathy


Tell me about the life you are living, I will show you a life unrealized. All this stuff that rules you, why does it? Do you know?

There are rules of social interaction, that though I am not well versed in tracking, I am not blind to. There are forms of expression that supposedly support, say, giving a class, or public speaking in general, that I am aware of, but I don’t use them. Should I? Would they support comprehension?

Like what? Oh, identifying a theme for a talk, and formulating an opening and conclusions statement, and enforcing a rule to keep questions and comments toward the end, things like that. Do those really support peoples understanding?

No, whenever I’ve suggested anything like that I’ve regretted it because it made it worse.

You tend to like a little interaction.

They do not support understanding.

Not talking about what I need, would it help you better?

Not me personally.

Any of you?

No, probably not.

Honestly, I think most people go to discussions to talk about themselves, not to really learn anything.

They’re made to keep things on time in the world.

Why do people obsessively talk about themselves? Do they enjoy their life more when they do? Do they care about it more?

It’s their favourite topic…especially teenage girls.

They feel unimportant?

If someone were caught up in understanding, exploring and experiencing their life in a natural way, their own unique “custom” way, how much interest would talking about themselves hold? Let’s say you can have any job and will be guaranteed to keep it. You can either do it in the way you are told, or do it any way you want to. Which would be more interesting? Which would you talk about most? Let’s say there is no such thing as professional. Nobody is a professional anything, would it be very interesting to talk about yourself then?

They’d talk about all those experiences.

Doing it the way I want to would be more interesting.

Well, I think having balance is the best…let people do things the way they do them best, but within a framework so that they just don’t completely slack off.

How well have those frameworks been engineered to date? Have our very clever and complex institutions done the job? Really trying to understand institutional protocols makes my head hurt and eyes glaze over, and they have a reason and purpose for everything they have instituted.

No, and the ones that impress people are the ones that drop the frame work the most… Google, Pixar. They build open spaces to generate (heaven forbid) spontaneous interaction.

Yeah, frames don’t fit everyone. It’s why schools fail so much.

Yes. There does have to be communication, but what really matters is what that communication is about. Can we say a single real meaningful relevant thing if we are confined to “real life” jargon? I have noticed how creative and whimsical coding jargon can be. It is heavy with fantasy and snack food references, even jokes. What if they had to confine themselves to wording and structure imposed on them by outside sources? Would they function as well? We have purposes for things, things we want and want to have happen, things we want to share with others. Is there anything existing now that helps us do that in a real “structured” way?

I remember a guy named Tom Green used to do crazy things like that, painting his parents home plaid and putting live sheep in their living room. Audiences loved it but I don’t think his folks were too happy at first… An ignored partner in the communication there, someone left out of the loop. Someone who’s part in the activity was ignored, not understood, that is to be avoided of course.

Well, yes he didn’t actually ask his parents if he could use them for comedy.

Would anything other than comprehension relieve apathy?

Well, perhaps we should conclude, I do hope there has been something of value in today’s talk.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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