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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Dealing with Apathy in Apathy


The cure for apathy? What do people do to try to deal with apathy?

Find something new? Novelty seeking.

Things to remind them of what is more important.

They find kids or pets to play with or video games or movies. Games are one of the more healthy responses to apathy though not actually healthy, not in the obsessive way it’s pursued. Connecting with pets and children is a healthy way to deal with apathy, one of the actually sane things to do… How commonly do people do it?

Yes, it turns into something like addictive shopping. I will not kill someone just because they grabbed the same shoe as I did.

I think about the real life violence over World of Warcraft items.

People have a lot of apathetic responses to pets and children.

Actually, shunning our aggressive instincts feeds apathy. Denying our desire for aggressive self expression really strengthens apathy. Being ashamed because you like rough sex feeds apathy. We try to bury apathy with more apathy. Shame in any way feeds apathy.

All these rules we make, do they support involvement in our communities? Do they support living a full life?

No. Not every rule or moral /social norm reflects apathy. It’s important for people to know how the community will deal with murder say, how betrayal of the common good is viewed and will be addressed through action.

It’s amazing how fascinating a murder trial is. I don’t want to see it but I can’t stop listening to news about it.

So does the rule of law in today’s society address that need clearly? Does it address it at all? In pursuit of the modern law we get things like the George Zimmerman verdict, the OJ verdict. We have a great deal of activity and socially significant events that are completely neglected. Neglect is the rule today is it not?

Who’s George Zimmerman? George Zimmerman was an over zealous drunk who shot a young black boy just because he felt like it and he was acquitted of the murder because Florida has a “stand your ground law.”

I think his wife/girlfriend is now pressing charges against him for domestic violence or something. Indeed, he is bragging about how he lives and thinks and is receiving social reinforcement.

Does the law promote engagement in our community? Make you feel safe and valued as a citizen? Do we understand our nations any better because of the work of the law makers?

No, and they complain of low voter turnout every year.

I’m not sure… actual police presence makes me feel more safe.

Well, I think if someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself but you don’t have the right to stalk someone, start a confrontation, and then shoot them when the person gets angry at you.

I feel less safe with more police presence.

The mayor of New York is being held up as a hero by some, though his every move as a leader has been governed by apathy. We socially endorse and encourage apathy. The apathetic individual is a pillar of the community.

So let’s look at the flip side, activists, revolutionaries. Do they enable people to feel more engaged with the issues they champion? Do you feel free to pursue insight and reason because of the statement of Richard Dawkins?

Many activists take it too far.

He’s an atheist, right? Yes.

Does Stephan Hawking’s public messages make you feel like your world is changing in a meaningful way and you can take part in it?

They make us feel more apathetic because we don’t necessarily toe their party line.

Up with the meaningless all is fair view of the rigid materialist! Feel free yet? Feel like you can survive and thrive and enjoy rich quality of life at that? Is there anywhere, any social or communal sector that isn’t governed by the rule of apathy? Can you think of one?


I feel free when I turn the TV off. I feel free when I surf the information channels as my own person, when I don’t entertain the notion that I must see it from any point of view other than my own, that I don’t have to be a card carrying subscriber to any philosophy other than my own.

How do you know when you are your own person? How does it feel as opposed to being something else? You know you are your own person when you are not confused. When you are not struggling to adopt ideas that limit your experience, not fighting to adapt to a world that nothing within you belongs in, a world that has nothing in it that naturally belongs to you, that belongs with you.

It feels like hunting? It feels like home, it feels like the heart beat and listening ears.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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