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Not feeling resistant to where I am brings peace.

Way Out of Apathy in Apathy


The way out of apathy? Are we ready to discuss that?

The way out of apathy is comprehension, not education. We are freed from apathy when we begin to understand life as the individual living beings we naturally are. We are free from apathy when we aren’t looking for social roles, judging our partners when they weep in despair or when they loose focus in a surge of frustration.

That light bulb moment can be quite invigorating. Yes. We can have that light bulb moment. It’s natural to us. We just have to stop believing in anything that denies the self, that denies our right to understand our life, our freedom to be understanding of our neighbour. Jobs don’t matter like this does, roles don’t matter like this does, industry, economy, progress, none of it matters, not as much as this does, and not at all unless this does.

Nothing matters unless it matters to you, and it will only matter to you when there can be a you present for it to matter for. Your point of view has to matter for any point of view to matter. We are all in the same individual boat. When was the last time you actually just considered whether you liked something or not? When was the last time you just let yourself enjoy that you liked something? Go see a movie and just like it? When was the last time you just laughed at a joke? Really enjoyed the laughter? I accidentally startled my wife today very badly. What was that like?

Weird, scary and funny.

Often when I come across a new show I will make a snap judgment about it and then later I might go back and watch a little of it out of curiosity, and if I change my mind about the program, I almost feel like I am betraying myself. You betray yourself only in not allowing your natural response, in believing your thinking more than your senses. Do you have permission to enjoy your life? To feel alive in your life? Could you enjoy your life if you had permission to do so?

I always have. Then you must rarely feel apathy?

No, I still feel apathy, but I know the feeling will pass into something else. So I just kind of ride it instead of fighting it. I just acknowledge that I need to step away from my normal routine and that does help. I admit to feeling apathy towards some of the more scientific topics here, but it goes away if I get some understanding. I think I hate math, but really I struggle with it. That’s not a bad way to deal with it.

Would you want to do it any differently? I only feel apathy, and I do feel apathy, when I try to understand other people. Empathy, the cognitive component specifically, the instinctive emotional component, doesn’t trigger apathy in me. When someone is openly weeping, that matters very much to me, or openly angry.

It feels good when an emotional response matters to somebody.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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