Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

Operations On Reality in Corruption


Today we are talking about corruption. I will open by asking, What is corruption to your own point of view?

In personal terms, I think it’s selfishness. In physical terms, it’s impurities.

Corruption is one of the key principles of what some would consider the dark arts. The grand art as it was once called, is a system of observations about reality, and the empowering understanding that arises from these insights. We now call this art many things, but the divisions and specialities are a relatively new thing.

There are two basic operations you can perform on reality. Command or directive influence using the system as it stands to secure an outcome, and the other is corruption or hacking of reality. Bending how the energy flows in any given situation. One such form of bending would be psychic vampirism, but corruption is the introduction of variability into a system, aberrations, logic glitches.

The reasonable “Will worker” adapts themselves systematically to reality. Aligning themselves more fully with powers and potency inherent in the system itself. But when the system is put under stress, as is also freely possible by informed application of will coupled with the necessary insight, then a totally new form of energy is released. This is the metaphorical fire some say that all students of magick are playing with.

A new pattern? It does create new patterns, because you cannot create a new pattern out of nothing. You have to corrupt an old one. Old seemingly fixed patterns are just energies crystallized around older traumas. Some so old as to predate human consciousness on this planet. It’s corruption that turns energy into mass and thus matter. Our own matter is structured by strange matter influx. The total balance of matter in our universe didn’t self cancel because the mass of dark matter neutralized anti-matter.

On a more human level, human desire makes things that in no way suggest a different form take on different forms anyway. Turning stone into bricks and sculptures, invention of any kind really. Orthodox magick is not really invented so much as discovered, but these orthodox “Will workers” then go on to learn even more from those who corrupt their insights.

Creation is corruption? Creation is two processes. The initial system has an energy that possesses its own inertia. This is perhaps why people speak of the universe as having a will or God. It has a way it behaves, and it is alive. It is made up of life energy, but every living thing needs controls to grow strong. Things that keep its energy from being wasted.

This second force is corruption. The exercise of will that inserts deviation into otherwise natural and static cycles. Humanity has had the power to do foolish things for a reason, but corruption has a threshold. Its own balance. Just as fire that burns too intensely consumes all of its own resources and will extinguish itself, corruption that is too pervasive will encrypt itself, form a cyst in reality and eventually be eliminated.

Humanity has very little finesse. They are in a distinctly juvenile stage of their understanding, and just as teenagers often risk their lives (even end their lives), humanity has this potential as well.

We are always breaking things. We break things, but without understanding. The power to destroy is a gift. Used with wisdom it is creative, because both the growth process and the corruption process are rules of the multiverse itself. Yin and yang. Taken in context, the power of corruption can be healing. We practice it even in our medicine. This is what a vaccination is, a corrupted virus.

Homeopathy. Yes.

We’re usually at one extreme or the other when it comes to corruption. Saving things that should die or as they say, “Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” Exactly. Corruptions purpose is to create balance. Life of its own accord is static, grasping, rejects change.

Most medicines are harmful if taken too much. Indeed. Medicine practiced with a blind eye, as it largely is, is poison instead.

Even alcohol in moderation is healing. Yes. Alcohol in moderation is a tonic, especially things like wine.

Science is a good example. The proper amount of corruption is needed to advance ideas. Corruption is a releasing force, liberating.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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