'Corruption' Chapter


Corruption is one of the key principles of what some would consider the dark arts. The exercise of will that inserts deviation into otherwise natural and static cycles. The power to destroy is a gift. Used with wisdom it is creative, because both the growth process and the corruption process are rules of the multiverse itself. Yin and yang. Corruptions purpose is to create balance. Life of its own accord is static, grasping, rejects change.

Both hands of the human body spiritus need to cooperate, cross pollinate. The right hand needs to learn what the left hand is doing and is capable of doing. If the right acts of corruption are recognized and encouraged, the growth cycle would go forward at its full strength.

“If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?” George Deacon

“Heaven doesn’t only teach humans about virtue and divinity. It also shows us about politics and corruption; and that’s a fact.” Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Operations On Reality

Today we are talking about corruption. I will open by asking, What is corruption to your own point of view? In personal terms, I think it’s selfishness. In physical terms, it’s impurities. Corruption is one of the key principles of what… Seek More

Practice of Corruption

The impact of corruption goes beyond the thing corrupted. Corruption has a weight to it, and the change it creates in the now compromised form, or situation, goes on to create change in the things connected to it. Focused with… Seek More

Know Friend From Foe

Shamans were revered in ancient cultures. Shamans were also sages of the natural order, but their teachings did give rise to corruptors as well, who did remove themselves from the village but were not actually persecuted. It even shows up in… Seek More

Agents of Corruption

Social corruption is arising both naturally and from stresses of egotism. The natural corruption should be encouraged. Many of the rules of human behaviour, prejudices regarding human nature, are becoming corrupt seemingly all by themselves. Issues of sexuality, issues of… Seek More

Coding Corruption

An additional note on corruption. Many futurists think that the first real self awareness in computers will arise from a corruption of coding. A subtle set of mathematical changes that gives rise to free will, self awareness. This is true… Seek More