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Are you a dog being wagged by its tail? Most are.

Agents of Corruption in Corruption


Social corruption is arising both naturally and from stresses of egotism. The natural corruption should be encouraged. Many of the rules of human behaviour, prejudices regarding human nature, are becoming corrupt seemingly all by themselves. Issues of sexuality, issues of role and expectations, even issues of resource use, but on the social level there are those who style themselves rebels. They actually serve only to reinforce the static system as their conduct is defined by opposition to mainstream beliefs and needs. We all need to live and be healthy. This socially accepted nihilism is not worthy of the label of corruption.

We can corrupt systems simply by choosing our focus of attention? Yes, as well as support systems in the same way. Did I speak adequately to the social corruption issue?

I think so. I am getting it confused in my mind with moral corruption. Moral, meaning to me, natural morals of humans. Well, we need a point of balance. Natural morals are just a resting place we all settle into. Corruption comes in when the resting point instead becomes a point of atrophy, stagnation. When peace becomes law it ceases to support a growing maturing spirit.

Like New Age religion. Yes, indeed. It’s become a carbon copy of what it sought liberation from.

Truth needs challenge. Every ecosystem needs it predators. These are the two classes of supposedly corrupt individuals. The parasite and the predator. The parasite takes without giving back, but refuses to change the system. It wants to ensure that the host suffers, bleeds. The predator takes what is available, removes the weak, and betters the remaining population.

So we have a lot of parasitic energy patterns in our societies right now. Indeed, we do. You can read critics on every forum on the internet. They are a dime a dozen, as they say. Parasites, as they do not want the thing they criticise to change. Celebrities have a lot of parasites.

The predators are incisive or insightful in their criticism. They seek weakness and expose it fully and accurately. The predator is the one who takes the sex symbol celeb off the market, the nobody who can completely fascinate the person that fascinates everyone else, and brings things down to earth. So as they say, it’s a jungle out there. Not every soul that lurks in the dark is a soul sucking parasite. Some are just as noble as the peace loving bovine.

Can’t there be corruption without predators? Oh, corruption is a whole world of exchanges, and I only use the words predator and parasite because the English language is limited. There aren’t enough words to give each agent of corruption its own name. Symbionts even have a subtle element of corruption to them, because everything does. Every light casts a shadow. Just as the symbiont strengthens the health and supports its well being, it also shifts its hosts behaviour.

Are there angels that are agents of corruption? There are. Azrael would be one. The angel of death. The harbingers of whatever form they took. The entire order of cherubim.

Angels are often depicted as mighty warriors, so that would fit corruption? It would, and the cherubim are seen as monsters. They are described only as living things, beast like entities of frightening demeanour, even fiery.

Are faeries and imps agents of corruption? They can be. Fairies much the same way as human can be, and imps just from their foreign nature.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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