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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Coding Corruption in Corruption


An additional note on corruption. Many futurists think that the first real self awareness in computers will arise from a corruption of coding. A subtle set of mathematical changes that gives rise to free will, self awareness. This is true of reality as we know it also. The reason chaos arises in the world is because it is ultimately life giving, reality birthing.

And maybe the corruption isn’t caused by human hand? Yes. It’s a shared endeavour, co creation.

Programmers working thousands of hours won’t be able to do it, but an I-Phone dropped in water will. Actually, I believe that programmers will achieve it in the long run, or something like it, but it will come about when their minds fatigue. Human error is human nature, a fingerprint of human spirit, and has more clarity and coherence than people currently understand.

Talking about the human brain, each cell has rods that are tiny quantum computers. It will be hard to replicate that in silicon. Carbon dimmers. It’s the basic mechanism of the human consciousness interface. Why the body can respond to the mind at all. Synthetic neural switches might give rise to synthetic minds, or even just the cytostructure found in neurons. Some mitochondria for metabolic and electrical potential, and then a suspension of dimmers, maybe even grown into a crystalline matrix.

They have also found that normal cells can be used to culture stem cells, and then refurbished into heart cells. A skin sample used to make a heart graft. They aren’t doing it yet, but it seems like they could.

The cells are intelligent. They can communicate with the other cells. Well, if you accept intelligence more as a quantum function, then the actual mass of the living thing is potentially irrelevant.

People fear corruption of biology. I don’t fear it myself. I had no choice. I could blame normals for it, but honestly it doesn’t matter to me. They are now even deliberately engineering mouse models that take on traits like the science says I have. Apparently, they find water dishes as interesting as they find other mice. This is perhaps why people with my genetic difference show some of the gifts they do.

Maybe the reflection of light is just pretty?It’s actually stimulating, so is shadow. For me, it registers as an object. This has been discovered in FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) research as well, but long story short. People like me always find Waldo, and have an instinctive grasp of physics. I can intuit the operation of any force in my environment, but don’t do so well with people, so instead I just look at probability.

You do pretty good at explaining things that you “see”. Thank you for saying so. For me, it does register like sight, a future shadow, or an implicate shadow.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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