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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Practice of Corruption in Corruption


The impact of corruption goes beyond the thing corrupted. Corruption has a weight to it, and the change it creates in the now compromised form, or situation, goes on to create change in the things connected to it. Focused with wisdom, the elimination of a static state makes more energy available for life supportive processes and beings.

So reality changes? Yes, and it changes the rules, narrows the playing field for a time, making the river run more clearly.

Most people need to corrupt their lives better. Yes. Normally, in the heat of psychological stress, they do what I call pulling an emperor scorpion. Realizing their spiritual venom has bite, they sting everyone and everything, including themselves. Again, it’s a lack of finesse, but to practice corruption still involves the venom. People think to purge themselves of the toxicity that is part of their nature. That is like removing venom from a snake. It stops digestion and can end life. This creates what many teach to be a necessary martyrdom, but what real change has happened because saintly people die?

Or they hold onto things so tightly without corruption which squeezes the life out of life. Yes. It creates a life energy sink and throws everything out of balance. Energy too concentrated creates a pattern not unlike a black hole. This is where a tradition like sin eating comes in, and there have been more traditions than the European, but all of them are more or less considered taboo.

What is sin eating? Taking on another’s burdens, their encumbering energy, so that the soul can be free to move on. Like the wife of Buddha who cared for his son Fetter. This role has always been necessary, but it, much like the way of the saints, has lacked impact. Perhaps it just hasn’t reached its maturity? But understanding can work miracles.

Jesus was a corruption to the system of the Pharisees. That’s why they killed him. He indeed was. This is why the legal claims against him seemed to bear weight. From Roman secular logic, he was subject to their authority. My own genetic condition puts me out of synch with the force that creates authority in human society. This is why they say we lack empathy or theory of mind.

There has been a long tradition of killing corruptors. System busters. Yes. Burn the witches. Popular in the west where as in the east they were largely either ignored or held in awe, but still removed from conventional society.

In China they tend to ‘disappear’. Modern China, yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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