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All things have a negative side. Every light casts a shadow. One can feel that they don’t entertain a thought, but you can’t avoid entertaining negatives. They are an inherent part of the equation that allows you to arrive at positives.

Live Charmed Lives in Glamour


When it comes down to deciding between cookies or no cookies, that choice is a charm. It may seem a silly and meaningless choice, but they all echo. No cookie can become no kiss. No kiss can become no love. No love can become no hope. No hope can become no life.

Cumulative choice. Yes. Glamour is cumulative choice, but even just a spark of it gets things rolling. A simple grain of sand builds a pearl. The beating of a moths wings adds strength to a tsunami, but we don’t need to sway the whole world, just our world. We don’t have to charm all people, just those people we touch. You don’t have to paint every canvas, just the one you have right now, and when that is done and your heart wants another, then you create anew. Recreate. Recreation and imagination and hope aren’t luxuries. They aren’t unrealistic or unnecessary. They are vital.

Hell… Our ancestors, for all the struggles they faced, still had more time off of work than we do now. We have lost touch, but we haven’t lost the ability to touch. So touch, taste, feel, breathe, then speak. Listen, then listen again. It’s not hard, and you cannot fail.

Civilization is supposed to make our lives easier, but it only makes it easier for the top one percent. It doesn’t even make it easier for them. It just enables the height of egotism and validates human insecurities. If even the wealthy and powerful are paranoid, then don’t we all have to be?

We are controlled by our fears. Charmed, but we can charm our fears. We can charm the snakes in power. We can charm our world and live charmed lives, not controlled lives, just whole lives. That allows real choice. I don’t know any other way.

So if you see someone carrying a lucky charm, don’t dismiss it. If you see someone begging an unseen presence for what they want, don’t judge them. The only thing that is wrong with that at all is its lack of fullness. They have to be present to it, be present in their situation. Whatever tools helps their imagination is fine. In fact, that’s the reason pop spirituality so often flops. It’s off the shelf and formulaic mass market media. It doesn’t really speak to the imagination, because it has to speak to the machine that makes you spend money instead.

Don’t get me wrong. Bits of good stuff gets through. I like looking for it, like an Easter egg hunt.

I do hope this offered you something, friends. I am charmed by the presence and desire of you who come here in Second Life to share in this. It calls me back much to my personal fulfillment.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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