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Nuvo Elementals in Elementals


Should we focus on a specific domain of elemental life?

Are there hundreds of elemental species? Oh, more than hundreds. More species than are present on earth itself. Methane elementals, even some nuvo elementals.

Nuvo? One example of a nuvo elemental, famous for the castle haunts in Europe, but they are more common than that. Blood elementals. Any place that has experienced a great deal of blood shed in a short time has but a great deal of raw elemental material added to it, but also a great deal of psychic energy. Blood elementals are often mistaken for ghosts or residual haunts. The more evolved blood elementals are able to respond to efforts to contact them. They usually appear to have what we would consider monstrous forms. Should I explain that more or go on?

Vampires? Ah no, they don’t suck blood, they are blood, but the forms they take, well… Have you ever suffered serious injury?

A friend was telling me about some scary elementals at a battlefield he visited. Those were blood elementals.

Do you mean ‘neuvo’ or are you referring to something else? Yes, that would be a version of it. There are different spellings. I am not attempting the french spelling, but I may be getting my Latin wrong.

Nuvo elementals also arise in technology, old machines, sometimes even precocious young machines.

Like televisions that turn themselves on? Yes, a television that turns itself on would be a machine elemental. Though most elementals would be what we might consider sleepy, they become more wakeful with greater exchanges of elemental energy, like global warming, or psychic energy as their psychic energy and ours differs only in speed. It’s the reason why ancient castles are so commonly haunted even if they didn’t suffer much terror or tragedy. The stones themselves remember, and they dream.

What is the difference between an elemental and a ghost? I mean how to recognize one or the other. Elementals are alive. They don’t create a disruption in the flow of life force, no noise. The presence of a ghost creates a sense of wrongness.

So hauntings are the building’s dreams. Some hauntings are, yes. Those they refer to as residual hauntings are. Homes can come to be emotionally attached to their residence especially if the resident lived there for a lifetime, and even more likely when there were multiple generations as there were in older structures like castles. To our thinking the elemental mind is slow so it takes some time for what is happening on a human level to dawn on them with the exception of increased elemental energy exchange or psychic distress, but some elementals are faster than us mentally. So fast that their behaviour appears to be almost mindless to us. They perceive quickly and react just as quickly, and have very little time to learn complex information or skills, thus air elemental behaviour seems too flippant and whimsical.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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