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Change is subatomic. I break your nucleic bond and smile. Change is minute. There are no big changes. Never anything big. Just a bunch of small things we eventually notice.

Chorus in Elementals


Elementals, when necessary, also interact. They form groups very often called a chorus. It takes a chorus to stage something like a tornado, or a wild fire, or a volcanic eruption. They can even hear the voices of fire and earth in the earth itself. They call it black noise though it’s unintelligible only to humans.

Natural disasters are armies of elementals attacking us? Not necessarily attacking us though that is becoming more common. Elementals feel life energy around them just as constantly as we do. That is really the only thing that makes them think to look for evidence of other forms of life at all, and from time to time they cooperate in what they refer to as the cycle of renewal. The life energy we use is shared with them, shared by them with us, and they seek to clean and balance it as needed. When the energy feels clean and clear again they cease that activity. This is why so many plants are surprisingly well adapted to the fire season in their region. Even deep sea organisms learn to deal with the cycle of renewal near places like volcanic vents, but elementals are capable of weaponized action. We are the ones who taught them about that. They took notice with the atomic bomb and have been worried ever since. They try to communicate with reactors, but the fire in those structures seems insane to them.

Did we create a new form of plasma elemental? No, an old form. We just mutated it. Stars are naturally occurring plasma elementals.

Do elementals and other types of beings have ‘things’ or is that only a human obsession? They do have things. Sometimes things they cultivate on other elemental mediums, structures in the earth, or patterns in the air, but most commonly they have thought forms, patterns of electromagnetic energy as well as other energies. They are the television of elementals. They even pick up on our broadcast psychic energy though it’s a bit time shifted for them. It has to cross the gravitic barrier. That’s why early cultures were so seemingly obsessed with throwing things down holes. Their intuition told them that is where the ancients lived. In this case, it was literally the idea that counts. The elements we see are the insides of elementals. The bulk of their active form is present as a form of potential energy, a complex pattern of emergent energy expression.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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