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Influencing Red Magick in Red Magick

Red Magick

Life force is the base medium, where psychic energy is more the energy expended by the artist. People can interact with life force more consciously, more deliberately. This is the essence of red magick in practice. You can anticipate coming turmoil in the life force around you and modify it, like a white blood cell responding to chemical abnormalities in the blood stream.

Is there a method for such interaction that you would recommend? Well, meditation serves as a nexus for a great many metaphysical energies, but what you do after meditation would determine whether you are altering the life force flow or not.

Generally, in meditation, people tend to linger on the level of their individual consciousness. They have little bubbles of life force awareness surface, but they usually go unrecognized. They don’t feel like consciousness or thought so people tend to disregard them as meaningless. But should you have opportunity to meditate near an animal you have rapport with for example, or a particularly lively part of the sea, they will occur more frequently. You can develop a sense for them.

Other people seem to have a natural leaning toward life force sensitivity. They usually don’t talk about it much because it doesn’t lend itself easily to being expressed in words or conscious thought. They just say something like “nature speaks to me.” Often time red magick, also known as the life force, exerts a powerful influence over these peoples personality. People often question their empathy, accuse them of poor impulse control or lack of insight as they are generally comfortable with conflict. They see nothing wrong with one pattern or process being absorbed by another as long as the overall environment isn’t becoming barren.

Waves absorbed by waves absorbed by waves absorbed by waves. Yes. This is the natural behaviour of life force, the way of red magick.

Influencing red magick is simple. You use the law of sympathy. Like affects like, like attracts like. What you would work in red magick you must work in your own life force. This is why shamans speak of medicine. There is a transference of energy between living beings, but even beyond that there is a symbiotic sharing of energy even before any consumption takes place. You can work with hawk medicine even without eating a hawk. You can understand rabbit medicine without actually being a rabbit. Creating change is red magick is engaging in a “hunt.” You selectively absorb or cull specific flows in the environment.

Compassion? It does show up as a form of compassion, yes.

I ponder “a quest”? Ah, it can be seen as a quest, yes, like Merlin’s red dragon vision. That is an example of red magick working in what people would see as a non-personal or non-life form based way. Everything has life force. This is the only reason we can gain life support from the air or water.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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