Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Life Force Body in Red Magick

Red Magick

You have a morphology in the life force around you, a life force body with unique geometry as well as metaphysical traits. You color the life force flowing around you and through you. The only real life force shallows are found near the terminally ill, at least as far as humans go, but you have life force rapids, vortexes, grottos, you name it.

So the phrase ‘still waters run deep’ is reflective of one form of life energy? It is, yes.

We “filter” the life-force and “aim” it with our preferences and prejudices? We do indeed filter life force like a coral filters sea water, but preferences and prejudices show up only as a secondary influence. They are detectable in the life force but not really a trait of it, like you don’t really make a conscious choice to have your biological needs. You don’t vote on whether you have to sleep or not.

Your life force flows around and through your biological morphic field, which is your metaphysical endoskeleton. All your experiences gather around this to “flesh out” your locus in this world at this time.

We make our own worlds? Yes, in a way, within the parameters of life forces own innate nature. You are normally a non-local being. You aren’t isolated to any particular dimension of time and space. You form a locus as a part of the growth process of what could perhaps best be described as a fractal form. You have to work with one sample of that pattern at a time in order to refine the entire matrix. The locus, after it forms in your fractal “body”, continues to charge with life force until it takes on a critical mass, and enfolds, somewhat like the apparent implosions that seem to occur in real space.

Implosions? You mean black holes, or bubbles in a liquid? Black holes.

What are these “implosions”? They are the event that takes a conscious being out of base line space into real space, and the breach even creates a pattern of eddies or currents in the life force around the newly emerged human being. Consciousness is not an emergent phenomenon, but the apparent behaviours of consciousness in this dimension are.

What is consciousness? Most scientists believe that consciousness is an emergent quality of different physical forces coming together, but it is actually a complex memory lattice running across all possible universes, somewhat like the cosmic strings you may have heard of. Loci arise in the fractal pattern of an individual’s consciousness and new memories are encoded over apparent time. As new memories are encoded, parts of the pattern acquire weight.

You are your own universe. Yes, you are indeed your own universe. At any given time a whole set of loci are operating for you.

“Acquire weight” like the Higgs boson acquires mass. Yes. Part of your pattern is in the apex position and remains in multidimensional space. The other part forms the nadirs and falls into real space.

Now with the real space breach, a wave or ripple of life force spreads all-round the newly emerged individual and this life force sets up a set of affinities and antipathies. Your sympathetic web, sustained not by your thoughts or intentions but by the life force itself. This is part of why people don’t normally have a choice of when they die.

Does this happen at birth, or before we come to the physical realm? At birth. You don’t really make a choice, as we understand it, before birth, because in fact you make all possible choices. This is why you seem to carry karma from “past lives.” There are no past lives, only simultaneous lives.

So maternity wards could be some intense metaphysical areas? They are indeed very intense, but that energy plays out all across the globe, in the world’s oceans, its skies, on the earth and in it as well. It’s all a grand mesh of life force energy.

As we move up to implosion, do our multi lives overlap more? Ah, they do. You have a zero point resonance that is actually always occurring, just not always apparent. This is often called the higher self. The metaphysical self, for lack of a better term, is a vast complex sound. Perhaps too complex to be called a word, but having all the informational content you might expect from a word. As the sound spreads out into different spaces, it seems to change in quality. You would swear it sounds different, and for the sake of that context it does sound different, but all these different echoes still have the same source.

Is that the fractals? Well, the higher self is the seed pattern, the source code that gives rise to all of the other intelligences which are in a sense artificial. So your core self is more like an internet protocol, observed in all servers or individual worlds, even if they are actually running different software and content. Like the Second Life virtual world source code and how other groups have used it to set up their own grids… Well, blood is thicker than water is really my whole point.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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