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Life is too short for doubt. Whatever you doubt you either really want to do it, or you don’t. So do or don’t, and move on I say.

Transmigration of Souls in Past Lives

Past Lives

I’m curious about the notion of having a past or future life in ‘animal’ form on earth? That’s a phenomenon linked to reincarnation known as the transmigration of souls. That everything that actualizes in any way, from a rock to your house plant, to your house pet to you, manifested in exactly the same way and is a part of the same cycle. Sort of like our galaxy spirals there is a spiral path for souls, and the human form is not “human territory”.

Like a tennis game? Sort of like that. Human is a step in evolution, and not even close to being the end. In Jainism, and even Buddhism to a degree, the “angelic” beings people report seeing are just our siblings.

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Can we, or do we sometimes ‘go back’ to animal?  I’ve met some people who seem to do that while being in human form? Well, let’s look at genetics if were going to exalt the human form. Though we seem to be the most refined organism on the planet, there isn’t actually any evidence of that. The degree of genetic diversity in human beings is surprisingly low, and we aren’t actually very complex on a chemical/biological level. The common view now is that animals are in fact self aware. Just differently conscious than us, and chimpanzees have even been shown to have a superior short term memory.

If you give any respect to shamanistic views, they often saw that the disregard of our brothers on the planet had very real and very negative consequences. If animals begin behaving differently it seems that the world can and does respond as much to them as us. There is plenty of evidence that animals are behaving differently, and the world is changing. Seemingly wild animals behave warmly to humans, like dolphins and whales, even ones that it’s established have had no previous contact with humanity. So humanity does have a special opportunity, but to declare that humanity is actually an exalted position? Does this make sense?

We have one truly defining characteristic. It’s the one thing that actually makes us the dominant species, if you must use that term. We can define our relationship to other species. They call it adaption. If intelligence is a virtue and it represents the ability to compute, then we make rocks and metals compute routinely.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Adam

    Speaking of Humanity as if we weren’t as important to the spiritual world as we think or we are far from our evolutionary peek is a bold and dishonest statement. We as humanity are here for the simple experience of the God or as some say gods. We have a very great roll in the events of eternity and have an emmense energy that flows just for us in ordert to take keep over earth. Now I do think some here may have much farther to reach yet you forget that there are people sleeping here in the fifth to seventh densitis, and some of these entities are just waking up for the Harvest.

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