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Risk in Focusing on Past Lives in Past Lives

Past Lives

Ever been to a really big concert? Notice how much both the force of the music and the force of peoples familiarity with the song seemed to rule that space? Like the music replaces all the people present? Well, you couldn’t tell a golden oldie in your greatest spiritual hits collection, a past life, as easily as you might think, because other people can carry that tune.

It all intermingles? In a broad sense, yes. So it raises the question, can you ever tell who the original artist is?

That’s like asking who was the first person to come up with that great idea. It’s even hard to tell if there was only one person. With a depth of focus you can tell, but it takes more effort than most people put into this. You can tell who the original artist is because the artist has a style, if you will. That particular song is something they will riff off of effortlessly. It’s just a part of their personal stream of consciousness.

A signature? Yes. It’s their signature. There is a problem with becoming too focused on past lives though.

When I see someone with a similar style as mine, it creeps me out. I’m so used to being original. But that is the key. It’s similar, perhaps very similar, but it isn’t the same.

But sometimes you feel a kinship. Oh, the kinship is real. It’s just not the same as identity.

If you become too focused on your possible past lives, you run the risk of back masking. You record your current state over the track that the previous song occupied which doesn’t do anything to the previous song, but it makes your current song much more noisy, discordant.

It would carry forward to the current and if it’s too close it would add in to be noise? Like hearing a song played on two tracks just slightly out of sync. Yes. It makes for a horrid experience. It doesn’t mean your current song can’t take inspiration from a previous one. It just has to maintain its current integrity at the same time. We aren’t meant to repeat past lives.

Each life is like a song track and we keep building up the layers? Yes. Though the entire unified song is greater in power than any one reality could contain, it has to have multiple forms of media to express it.

About contact with other people you knew in a past life… People form collaborative relationships in music. This occurs on the spiritual level also, and even if their own track or career later veers very far from your own, their style still will show traces of the collaborative influence. On one or more points or facets of life, they will riff with you quite harmoniously.

And each relationship is like a duet? Exactly. You can tell you are dealing with someone who has never worked with you previously, because it will feel like having to hammer out the song from scratch.

It would make sense that when you find a few people you work well with, you would hang around them in multiple lives trying out variation. Creation. Because not only are there the soul songs, there is a great meta-song everyone is contributing to. So partnerships matter very much. It’s sort of like having an infinite history of music that all meshes together so well as to produce one great over-song.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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