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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

Your Soul Song in Past Lives

Past Lives

The universe we know, life as we know it, has no single source. It has taken a great many lives lived to arrive at the you we are experiencing today, and these lives aren’t even necessarily “yours.” Ever notice as you go about your day, beneath all of what you think and feel it’s sort of like you are listening to something? Almost like everywhere you go and anything you are doing, there is a steady conversation going on, just one you can’t hear.

Everything started with a sound, not a single sound of course, but the energy that starts everything for everyone is comparable to sound, and the form that sound takes depends on the acoustics of the level of being it manifests on. When the sound echoes one way, you get the picture of a man. When it echoes a slightly different way, you get the picture of a woman. Everything else just sort of fills out these patterns.

Now each soul is like a complete song all the instruments are written for, all levels of sound, as well as pattern, rhythm and rhyme. Each part of the song can be identified for being its own thing. You can tell the guitar solo from the vocals easily enough. What makes each part of the soul song seem separate is the stage or phase it occurs in.

Every song echoes across all realms of being. So you can hear a familiar echo even when you aren’t in direct contact with the source. What this means is you can feel traces of people you once knew in a person who doesn’t really carry that specific tune or soul signature.

The person I am here is a note in the song of my soul? Oh, yes indeed. On a higher octave you would appear perhaps very different than you do on this note or plane of existence, but both parts of the range of your soul song resonate with each other. They have to fill each other out.

So people can hold echoes of other people that aren’t them? They can, yes.

I feel the resonance of the contact with them carrying through my song? Yes. They would perhaps seem almost like a foreign intelligence, but every contact between you and them would seem perfectly in synch, like this other awareness was reading your mind although it’s not because it doesn’t have to.

The soul song works something like a radio signal. It can carry though the vast expanse of the multiverse and give every impression of going backward in time. Stacked like humans here are prone to, it can seem like your soul song has been going on forever. It can even feel a bit fatalistic, like you have no chance to change it.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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