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In the fight for social justice, society and justice are lost.

The World is in You in Morality


How do we live to get in touch with the primal morality? Reverse thinking. Naturally, we would sense and feel and then create thoughts based on those experiences. We would put our sensory, and if you like social, contact first. Recognize that we have or can have a social or emotional bond with the world around us. We do have even if we don’t choose to acknowledge it. It shows up in our dreams, and in a refracted format when we dream of interacting with other human beings. We can recognize even a twisted form of the original energy that we first perceive in our environment.

With continued attention and an intention to ground oneself in the life pulse, your thought patterns will begin to change. You will find yourself anticipating natural changes in other species and the environment, and you will find that human behavior looks entirely different, hollow, and you will see how these shells are creating a horrible racket in the world around them. It’s hard to hear reality in all that noise.

Human behaviour always seemed shallow to me. It’s worse than shallow. Shallow is good. Sometimes the bear scratches its back on a tree just because it feels good. Sometimes they eat something just because it tastes good.

Shallow is not with less meaning? Exactly. Meaning is lost when an experience is taken apart, hollowed out of its substance in the name of supposed understanding. As impressive as scientific research into consciousness is right now, they are still falling short and for a very simple reason. They insist on denying the energy behind what they observe. They fail to see life for all the pretty processes. A huge coral reef, as vast as it might be, is just a waste if it’s dead. That is the essence of human thinking. Everything would be great if everything didn’t really exist. If you can eliminate it, then it is wonderful. If it can eliminate you, then it is evil. That is typical human thought. See any animals trying to dismantle forests or mountains?

If a tree falls in the forest and lands on you, then you asked for it. If you are in touch with the primal element of the world, you would notice the tree was bug eaten, or lightning struck, or just heavily moss infested, and would have avoided going too closely.

The world is in you, you are not in the world. This is primal morality in the nut shell. Humans try to describe themselves as distinct from the world, even treating a subtle compromise of this self-image as life threatening. The cat has no self-image to preserve. Dolphins can identify themselves in a mirror. They even name each other, but they show no sign of conflict over self-image.

Humans once got mad when we said that the earth was round and not the middle of universe. They killed for this reason. They kill in the name of Allah and god, in the name of democracy and socialism and theocratic rectitude. The primal world doesn’t care about these ideas. What it does care about is the killing. Can you feel it? There is a taint in the air, the killing has left rifts in a delicate tissue that life depended on, and people, like parasites, just see this as reason to eat more, consume more, make the wound wider.

Things that do appear relate to things that remain unseen. So we not only have to contend with the issues of the primal world. It’s reaching beyond because the energy of life does go beyond the physical structure of our planet. If the earth itself comes to be seen as an incurable cancer, well… People have had dreams about that. We intuit those agents that would respond.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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