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Sing this Life out into Reality in Past Lives

Past Lives

About future lives… The space all of our songs play out in is not like space as we know it. It’s structured in such a way that the far points all occur in the centre, sort of like a torus of time space. The alpha or beginning point and the omega/end point are the same point in this space. How this affects the song is simple. Your current life plays out in surround sound.

You sing this life out into reality, and both past and future selves sing it back, and they take up variations of your current song to modify their own. Their songs sound different because they are echoing from a different point in the space, and are accompanied by different influences, different people, different instruments of circumstance. But all the songs are playing out right now. They can all change right now.

It explains how the processing of a past emotional trauma in this life would be picked up by the others and healed in all lives. Yes.

As for the conductors of this grand orchestra, well… Just like the world that we know, there is no single conductor. There is a whole matrix of conductors, a web of beings that are all focused on the expression of soul music as a whole. These beings are ourselves, but they exist in a reality that runs like a lattice or skeleton all through the reality we know. The multiverse is sort of like a coral reef. Each individual soul has a stable place in the entire pattern, but their individual activity matters a great deal to the well-being of the whole. This is why we incarnate. We are embedding in the coral colony.

What is nirvana? Nirvana is the ocean the coral grows in. In our world, coral eats and reproduces. In the multiverse, these soul colonies sing, for lack of a better term. The grand song of each colony matters for the well-being of the omniverse as a whole. But the space between the different colonies, the deep sea between coral reefs, that is nirvana. It’s the space that allows all patterns in all ways to arise, to come into existence.

And we can get there when our whole song is in harmony? Basically, yes, because then you sense the great resonance. You realize that all the energy you spend streams out in a way that can never be encompassed by any steady pattern you might find in any individual plane of existence. You can still play with the individual songs after that, but if you do it will be because you choose to, and you will bring with you the grand silence that contains all songs with you. This is why there appears to be a gap between lives. One song has to stop for the other to properly start. Your song continues to echo in the world for a time after your existence you are experiencing now ceases. That must subside before you can begin anew.

The first line of “Row, row , row your boat” has to finish before the next person chimes in or it will be a big noise. Yes, exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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