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We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Permanent Fingerprint on Reality in Dark Relics

Dark Relics

Let’s bring it a bit more down to earth. Perhaps a metaphor from physics to explain the science behind this stuff on Dark Relics.

Even hard line materialist science requires that one thing remain consistent, and that one thing is information cannot be lost. Distinctions between observable things must be conserved. They describe the medium that information is conserved in as a light sheet, a hologram produced by the things that the information resided in. All matter is energy, all energy is a form of light, and all light creates a permanent fingerprint on reality. Humans have been working from the bottom up, manipulating gross matter in order to create desired patterns in the fundamental structure of reality.

Past to present? Yes, and matter to energy to information. Information being protoform energy, sort of like Hawking radiation.

Now humanity is beginning to have visions of what might be possible with proper understanding. Nanotech and genetic engineering are closer to the broad science I sometimes refer to. Other beings work from the top down, engineer the light sheet to cause shifts in reality. It’s much more efficient and wastes less energy, less risky and damaging than gross material technology.

Light => energy => matter => computers => information. Yes. There is indeed a logical progression.

Just as we have two broad categories of human artifact, there are two broad categories of metaphysical artifact. Humans have tools and weapons. Does this leave anything out? Sometimes the line between tool and weapon is really pretty blurry.

Create and destroy? Yes. Even art is a perceptual tool, and even art has been used as a weapon.

I suppose clothing and shelter can be considered tools, but then again so could weapons. Most relics are tools. The physical remains of a Saint serve as a vessel of the light the Saint originally channelled. By interring these in a sacred place you consecrate that ground to continue to “remember” the spirit of that saint.

So the pinky finger does have properties? Yes, and the Tibetan skull chalices, the Native American relics, all of it.

Now any relic that has actually become a relic, and Japanese culture estimates it takes about a hundred years for a domestic item to become a relic, has an impact on the energy surrounding it. If it’s a vessel of the light, it tends to sooth people and reinforce balance in the place it’s kept in.

Why is there even a waiting time? There isn’t really a waiting time.

Time for energy to accumulate? There is a necessary charge.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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