'Dark Relics' Chapter

Dark Relics

The world itself and the things in it have memory. Among the largest dark relics are negatively encoded structures, often called haunted houses, but there doesn’t have to be a discarnate intelligence present. Relics either move energy or lock it and there are relics that appear to consume energy. Though they don’t really deplete energy, they deconstruct it, sort of like a mulch pit. They pull in and trap energies and then bleed them back into the environment.

Nature has never been perfectly smooth and balanced. It’s not really supposed to be. At various places and from time to time there do occur persistent sticky spots, dark locations that the wise advise most people not to frequent.

“We all need to look into the dark side of our nature – that’s where the energy is, the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we’re busy denying.” Sue Grafton

Everything has Memory

Perhaps the heart of today’s topic of Dark Relics can be summed up with a phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” The world itself and the things in it have memory. Even much of science implies… Seek More

Variety of Dark Relics

We can start with any of a variety of dark relics. Any preferences? Castles? Ah, castles. Very interesting relics often having the touch of some of the darker pagan practices included in their very construction. Two issues tend to darken… Seek More

Permanent Fingerprint on Reality

Let’s bring it a bit more down to earth. Perhaps a metaphor from physics to explain the science behind this stuff on Dark Relics. Even hard line materialist science requires that one thing remain consistent, and that one thing is… Seek More

Charging Relics

Relics aren’t necessarily haunted or are they? They aren’t necessarily haunted, though they can be. Houses take on the energy of their owners, good and bad. Yes, and places of crisis build charge faster than places of relative peace. This… Seek More

Deconstruct Energy

In contrast to cathedrals, which serve to clear the flow of energy and empower it, there are relics that appear to consume it. Though they don’t really deplete energy, they de-construct it, sort of like a mulch pit. They pull in and… Seek More

Natural Dark Relics

Do trees transmute the dark energy? Ah, generally they do, yes. Most of the time, but let’s start with naturally occurring dark relics, then move to human. Landmarks are not a human idea. The contour of the land registers on… Seek More

Human Parallel of Dark Relics

Why do humans get negative? So yes, the human parallel of dark relics is the human attitude that they are entitled to subdue nature. It goes deeper than interpersonal abuse. The history of the world is written in your flesh… Seek More

Those Using Dark Relics

There is another side to dark relics though it is very rare. There has been little peace between the types of people, and much ignorance has cropped up in place of what was once understood. Light workers do work to… Seek More

Phagocyte Earth

Now for thin spots and inhuman dark artifacts, unnatural dark artifacts, at least from a particular point of view… There is not one earth present in this time space. There are many, and they don’t line up in a neat… Seek More