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Charging Relics in Dark Relics

Dark Relics

Relics aren’t necessarily haunted or are they? They aren’t necessarily haunted, though they can be.

Houses take on the energy of their owners, good and bad. Yes, and places of crisis build charge faster than places of relative peace. This is why spiritual rituals were originally performed, to speed up the charge time of a sacred place.

I’ve always loved the energy you feel in very old cathedrals. And they still keep those cathedrals charged to this very day. This is why people have visions there, and is why people originally created these structures. The purpose of having visions is the take away effect on consciousness. It changes what people understand thus also affects what they learn and the problems they can solve. This is often considered “divine revelation.”

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Thin spots must be charged spots? They are less structured, but do have qualities in common with charged spots.

Does charging happen simply by people being in the building? No, not from people’s simple presence. Without focus, no charge builds without the rituals done there and the symbolism incorporated into the environment.

Emotions give off charge? Emotions are their own form of charge, but they must be synchronized. Music does it, prayer does, ritual combat does. It’s a long list. You have to “write” to the energy.

The cathedral organ is large and obvious for a good reason. Yes. It’s a part of the battery.

I guess it’s why music is a commonly heard sound from past times? One of the haunted sounds, exactly.

Relics are like hard drives or rewritable CDs? Yes, exactly, and they don’t always take a long time to form. In the case of deeply inspired, or deeply disturbed individuals, they can form quickly.

I suppose one horrible event could do it, battlefield, guillotine. Yes, indeed. Relics either move energy or lock it.

Do relics ever fade away? Lose their charge over time? They can, and sometimes they don’t. A relic can acquire an emergent intelligence.

Ruins that have crumbled might be lost relics? Exactly.

So there could be a relic from 30,000 years ago? There could yes, and it might be very powerful.

With stored energy? Yes. A relic that achieves intelligence can even survive the passing of its physical form.

Can organic things like trees be relics? Trees participate in the imprinting process on relics. This is why relics often have qualities that make no sense to human psychology. The churchyard tree has a say in the build-up of energy in the church itself.

Trees that were around when Jesus was alive. Trees witness. Yes.

Many cultures like to carve things into living trees. They don’t see it as harmful. If done correctly, it isn’t any more harmful than giving a human a tattoo. But many humans aren’t very insightful or skilful, so should likely just leave well enough alone.

Animals produce relics also. Those caves and natural landmarks build charges also. The rocky hill the puma prowls builds up a charge from the pumas emotion, and the energy there will behave in a way more in synch with the spirit of the puma than anything human.

Petroglyphs? Many cultures honour that process by aiding it with their own work, but those natural relics can often become hostile to humans. Shedding blood for the blood the humans shed, it acts like a territorial and frightened beast.

Sunlight can positively charge and cleanse relics. Well, I do mean to discuss dark relics. We can do light relics as a different topic.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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