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Toward A Higher Purpose In Political Campaigns by Jason Miner in Guest Articles

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A major journalist recently likened a spat between the presidential candidates as reminiscent of two kids fighting in the back seat. A political analyst suggested that campaign hardball is acceptable because cheap shots have been around since the inception of the Republic. Well, back then slavery was accepted and women couldn’t vote. The argument that ‘it’s always been this way’ in politics falls short.

There is a better way. That is, a civility in political discourse that promotes mutual respect. We need a renegade in the ranks — a candidate that eschews the admonitions of his/her ‘advisors,’ and takes the ‘high ground’ in a number of ways:

  • Judge The Act, Not The Person
  • Truth-telling
  • Vision
  • Higher Purpose

1. Judge The Act, Not The Person — The words and deeds of a candidate may be fair game, but not the candidate himself or herself. Imagine if a candidate had the wherewithal to compliment the past achievements of the opponent even as disagreement over specific view occurred. Would the electorate not respond to such a magnanimous gesture?

2. Truth-telling — The ‘Truth-O-Meter’ has become a fixture within certain metropolitan newspapers. A politician’s assertion is put under the microscope and analyzed for its truthfulness. Sometimes comments pass, other times the rating falls to ‘pants on fire,’ a euphemism for ‘a lie.’ Candidates that aspire to at least the level of truthfulness that we demand of our children would improve the integrity of the process.

3. Vision — A candidate truly committed to service, and not to themselves, will likely spend less time in the trenches and more time up on that ‘higher road.’ The candidate with the more expansive vision will inspire the electorate. Articulate a fresh vision and provide some sense of how to achieve it. Bring a little of what Steve Jobs, Edison and DaVinci brought to their respective endeavors. Save the mindless skirmishes for the little minds.

4. Higher Purpose — If one runs for political office out of ego and self-aggrandizement, a lower purpose is served. Those that rise above self-interest to truly put the nation first are almost instantly recognized. The phrase, ‘a servant of the people,’ came to be for a reason. Customers are more loyal when a business truly appears to care. Likewise, the electorate will respond when the candidate truly cares.

Through an enhanced focus on the points noted above, childish political fisticuffs can give way to mutual respect. Respect for the intelligence of conflicting ideologies and a commitment to a fair fight can emerge. Can we try the ‘higher road’ in the political arena just as we do in other disciplines?

Jason Miner
Guest Blogger
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