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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Variety of Dark Relics in Dark Relics

Dark Relics

We can start with any of a variety of dark relics. Any preferences?

Castles? Ah, castles. Very interesting relics often having the touch of some of the darker pagan practices included in their very construction. Two issues tend to darken a castle, actually three.

First is they arose from a militant era. They only existed because some noble, or king, or what have you, feared violent death.

The materials for castle construction were often harvested from places that previously were left largely untouched. These were rich sources of the material, but they were left alone for a reason.

Castles are often little more than giant stone walls or other older ruins like Roman ruins. Yes, indeed. Materials can and do often carry a spiritual legacy with them. Roman brutality was a heavy one.

So after creating wounds in the land, or importing the old wounds of a civilization passed, often times the construction process involved what we today would consider abuses not only of the workers but of life itself. Animal products used in mortar, sometimes ritual observances to offset what they felt was supernatural misfortune affecting the build. That and the land itself, the earth under the castle, is often disturbed in such a way that, well… What happens when they start scrapping brain tissue off the surface of said organ?

The earth has meridians much like the body does, and though no amount of earth work can actually kill the earth, marring the earths meridians often leads to localized “insanity” for lack of a better term, and if the land itself is insane then it is a short step for the local inhabitants to reach that point as well.

This has to do with the rock, the energy, or the life matter in the soil? All of it.

The structure of a castle being so enclosed would also stifle the chi there? Oh, indeed. Castles are big raging shars, big bubbles of dead chi, though dead isn’t literal. A shar is a dead-spot. Dead spots have their uses. Like lightning rods, they promote flow if established in a balanced way. Stagnant chi still works as it’s still energy.

Trapped? Yes. Chi that doesn’t flow collects cobwebs, lattices of memory and emotion. When the departed seem to rest easily, it’s because the natural flow of life energy cleanses any old baggage in the place.

What do pyramids do then? Pyramids breach the dimensional barrier of earth, allowing access to the “underworld”, which is a protoform root for earth events to arise from.

Using chi? Well yes, a form of chi. The insides of the pyramids are shars as well, but the structure of the pyramid is such that the negative space created inside generates a positive aura around it. The pyramids are polarized.

Gravestones cause dead spots? They do, yes.

Do you believe that beings from other planets helped build such things as the pyramids and could that have an effect on the stone? Anything having contact with the stone affected the stone.

Extra-terrestrial relics? The term extra-terrestrial tends to be a bit short sighted. It implies a model of space time that I think is much too narrow. They have been trafficking our region of space time for a very long time.

Little green men or women? No. Indeed not little green men and women.

I think we are the little green men to them? Homo sapiens are not a highly developed form, not very efficient structurally or energetically.

I saw a special on crystal skulls. They took a mold of one and looked at it under a microscope. It was perfectly smooth, even smoother than could be done with modern power tools. What does it mean to find a crystal skull? The crystal skulls are just relics from an old dynasty, but yes, you would be exposed to the resonance they deliberately encoded in the skulls.

Said to have been created by aliens? Said to have been that, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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