The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Change is our Perception in Change


Change isn’t some alien force that makes us uncomfortable in our lives. Change isn’t any form of victimization that just makes us feel like we have no control. In fact, things like fire, and flood, and earthquake are very far from new. The wind has rose in destructive storms for as long as humanity can remember. These aren’t change, they are the long standing way of the natural world.

Change is also not something that just happens to you. If you say I have changed but nothing else has, you are mistaken. People describe changing minds as if they can just change arbitrarily. I hear all too often “you have no reason”, and this is seriously mistaken. We all have reason. All change happens in a context, though you might not fully understand everything involved in a change in your life.

“You have no reason” usually means “What you’re doing makes no sense to me”, and here is the most scary news. It never really can. Even if I explain every nuance of my thinking to someone else, when I decide on a change, they will not, and can not, fully understand my reasoning, because it’s from the context of my point of view.  We only get a glimpse. You can learn if another shares, and you will learn of the change even if they don’t tell you.

The very concept of change is subjective. The President promised change, and he has already delivered change. The question is do you think it matters?

It seems to be whether or not the change is enough. It seems a tipping point is needed somehow at least for change to have a fast impact? “Enough”, interesting question. Change is usually described as a form of instability, so either all change is true change or all change is false. Having seen you cannot unsee, and since we can observe something we call change, why is it change seems so uncontrollable?

  • You make a new habit and then slide back into old ways, because it’s not stabilized.
  • Because it’s a new pattern my brain isn’t use to.
  • Lack of total awareness?
  • It feels sometimes like it just spirals, getting worse before it can settle.
  • Because it usually happens due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • If you change, there is a fear of losing the person you are now.
  • Even if it’s our choosing or awareness, it has its own momentum, or so it seems.
  • You get comfortable even if you don’t like it.

Change seems uncontrollable, because change is our perception itself. Your mind perceives by change, and by defining characteristics. Day and night. Hot or cold. Any change you perceive, you perceive due to a change of mind.

Change seems uncontrollable, because we cannot change what we perceive in the state of mind we perceive it. We see a problem when we are in the state of mind to see the problem. We only see the changes that we were worried about, that we were paying attention to, and because of how we were focused, we were involved in the change.

The shift in the state of mind is disorienting for us? Well yes, it is disorienting, but not because of the world. It’s disorienting because we want to cover one eye, and then insist our depth or our distance perception is fine.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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