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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Popular Insights of 2008 in General

Too many posts to handle? If you missed out on a great post from 2008, here’s a few of the top posts that you may want to check out:
  • Secret of Conflict
    Posted August 2008 in Shadow
    The secret of conflict is that there is no conflict. We perceive ourselves to be in opposition. But the one who opposes you, do they oppose “you”? Or has their way run afoul of yours? They seek something in opposition. Imagine an auto accident …is nothing about opposition, just nature interacting with nature. And adaptation is […]
  • Crystal Magic
    Posted October 2008 in Crystals
    The material uses of things in magic (or whatever you prefer to call your practice) stem from one type of insight, that the world is interconnected. Hermetic philosophy refers to these connections as correspondences, and they have been viewed in literally every mystical practice across the world. This raises the question of what is power, […]
  • Intuitive Techniques
    Posted May 2008 in Intuition
    Some intuitive techniques might be helpful and interesting. Intuition will be experienced in a very individual way, and I will run some phenomenon by you. First intuitive technique is feeling that has no source we can identify with our senses. When you feel something about a place or person or idea and you didn’t choose to. The intuitive […]
  • Dogma
    Posted July 2008 in Paradox
    In the Egyptian book of the dead they speak of death as a journey. One of the signs on that path is a mirror. The path is a mirror. You grow in the way you are, not in the way you are told you are. Many dogmas stunt people, trap them. Is regrettable, but they […]
  • Balance
    Posted July 2008 in Paradox
    Balance, the middle way, we hope to list toward it. At times it seems that we do not, often because we fear we are wrong. Like fumbling for a needed object in the dark, we go too far one way or too far another and we think it’s all very hard. We really make it […]

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