'Shadow' Chapter


Here is a crazy thought. There is no enemy anywhere. Insane huh? Nothing to exert our will against. Nothing to change. Nothing that is not us. Not one of us, no one who is not your family, no one who isn’t in your mind, your heart. What would life be like that if that was recognized as the truth?

Here is a crazy thing. You are your own worst enemy and wherever you go there you are. And since there is no enemy anywhere…where are you?

“From a certain point of view our real enemy, the true troublemaker, is inside.” Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama

Life’s Roller Coaster

With any facet of life, in the light of awareness there is a mirror image. For every truth, an equal and opposite truth. We often revile the negative as destructive. We say that is the opposite of what we want,… Seek More

Embrace Light and Shadow

For any light you have a shadow. The truth of any spirit is found not in the object of the senses nor its opposite, but in between. But often we see only what we choose to. We declare one small… Seek More

Embrace Pleasure and Pain

Some would embrace their dreams, deny their nightmares, and say that they know what it is to dream. They will indulge in pleasure and shun pain, and say they know what it is to feel. But when confronted with the… Seek More

Secret of Conflict

The secret of conflict is that there is no conflict. We perceive ourselves to be in opposition. But the one who opposes you, do they oppose “you”? Or has their way run afoul of yours? They seek something in opposition.… Seek More

Still Your Mind

I contemplate grim things in my life. I admit this freely. And some others think that I do harm in these dark meditations but I see them in the “light” of the bigger picture. I just admit my natural inclination.… Seek More

Equal Part Shadow

We all know the world of the light. It’s the world of the taught and the agreed upon. It’s the world of the approved and that which is publicly seen as virtuous. But there is another side to the world.… Seek More

Ripples In The Shadow Realm

The realm of shadow is the realm of the subconscious. In fact, your subconscious itself is an artefact from your pre-incarnated existence. It arises as an impetus in the collective unconscious that leads two people to pair up. Each circumstance… Seek More

Shadow Hunting

I think I’m denying parts of my shadow and don’t even know it. How do I start to uncover those? Shall we discuss shadow hunting? Even those who aren’t creatures of shadow can learn from them. Ever notice how carrion… Seek More

My Relationship To Shadow

A bit about my relationship to shadow. Having an ASD (autism spectrum disorder), as a developmental trait, has set me up to perceive much that remains hidden to others. In the strictly intellectual task, I don’t have habitual filtering for… Seek More

The Occult

Do we see all there is to see in our world at any given moment? Why not? It’s beyond the scope of the human brain in the state of normal consciousness. Indeed, it is. In the total spectrum of life, are… Seek More