We always make a decision. I type these words and you will decide what they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be deliberate. We are conditioned if we aren’t instead mindful. It will happen one way or another.

Shadow Hunting in Shadow


I think I’m denying parts of my shadow and don’t even know it. How do I start to uncover those? Shall we discuss shadow hunting?

Even those who aren’t creatures of shadow can learn from them. Ever notice how carrion eaters watch the healthy and unhurt? It isn’t threatening. They don’t intend to kill or even necessarily expect that the creature will die. What they do know is that all activity has it’s end. In the case of the crow, they know that even if you make it through their wasteland home, you will take rest breaks and will likely be carrying food, and there are good chances of there being scraps.

You uncover your shadow by watching your process. Every preparatory act you take is a pre-emptive failure. In the realm of shadow, you can build nothing and everything changes, so you seize opportunities as they come. In the realm of shadow, there are no disasters. Disasters are just perceived disorder in the realm of the light. That disorder is only perceived because the light dweller is light blinded. The transcendent truth is between these of course. There is neither virtue in fear of darkness or of light.

So, I will ask you. Where does your sidewalk end? Where do your plans fail? What do you feel you cannot account for or be sure of? Hmm… Success creates its own shadow. It creates a retinal burn in the eye. It creates the wall that keeps you from resting, because to rest is to fail to do. The wildly successful blind themselves to opportunities for peace.

I get over focused and fail to play. To enjoy. What is perhaps the most obvious quality of those most commonly called “evil”?

Having fun? Self gratification. Well… Has life spoon-fed you joy like a good little girl deserves? No, didn’t work.

They call those who move into the shadows “liars” or more traditionally “oath breakers”, but have the Lords of Light kept their promises? Is it wisdom to keep a promise to those who live according to an inherently broken faith?

No. Success isn’t rewarded from the outside. My false god of productivity.

The true “warlocks” (as they have been called) abstain from lying and breaking bonds, because they will not make you promises in the first place. They will instead act and welcome you to act, and act in cooperation with you if your desires are in mutual accord. Do you see this among light dwellers?

So yes, my sidewalk ends where I need to enjoy my success. Thinking on it, I’ve even made my indulgences into jobs. Yes. So, for my friend, her shadow path is actually taking the cookie from the cookie jar when she was the one who bought and paid for the cookies already.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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