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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Embrace Light and Shadow in Shadow


For any light you have a shadow. The truth of any spirit is found not in the object of the senses nor its opposite, but in between. But often we see only what we choose to. We declare one small facet of reality ‘truth’ and refuse to see it very deeply. People refuse to see the rejected side of reality. Perhaps they estimate that it would hurt or weaken them somehow.

We are all of us inclined to a certain temperament even in our spiritual lives. The Brahminical tradition speaks of this. Even the teachings of tantra. Which is very much more than the illustrations of the Kama Sutra. There are those whose inner nature is supported by the path of devotion. There are others who find the path of knowledge liberating or perhaps the practice of some physical discipline like yoga or tai chi. The truth is the truth in all realms. The error in any path is a failure to see that.

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Pessimists are often criticised for negativity and in an imbalanced state the criticisms are valid. But the same criticisms can be levelled against optimists. The optimist often cannot experience true empathy. Their positive stance is often only half considered. They can do much harm in their denial of anything negative.

Many people quit listening for truth when they’ve had an *ahah* moment. They think they’ve gotten it, and become attached to their discovery. But the truth is not a static. The universal truths are cycles. The point which endures is at the center of the cycle. It feels so good to think you’ve figured it out. Have been told that you find security in what you can keep, but what can be kept? When my son was born can I keep that infant? Now that he is older can I keep that child?¬†The true worth is never in a static. The truth of any existence is never only in what presents itself to your stance of the moment.

In truth, linear time is a construct of the mind and we form quite an attachment to it. What you will be is in you now. As much as what you were is. If you would say, “This is who I am”, does it make sense to point at any one part? Any one stage?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive 

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