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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Embrace Pleasure and Pain in Shadow


Some would embrace their dreams, deny their nightmares, and say that they know what it is to dream. They will indulge in pleasure and shun pain, and say they know what it is to feel. But when confronted with the reflection of what they seek, its mirror image, they ask, “Why do I experience this?” They say I want pleasure, not pain. I want fantasy, not insight.

Myself I love fantasy. In art. In peoples imaginations. I find surrealism often says deeper things about life than a realistic portrait ever can. The page ‘The Great Delusion’ illustrates this. Is this delusion to be shunned? In seeking truth from life and from ourselves, how can we make an arbitrary choice?

Whatever we try to deny, the universe will confront us with because you probably only deny it in part. You will happily be seeking pleasure, eager for what you can enjoy, but say you don’t want to experience pain and fear. But the universe is whole, you don’t get to have it in parts. No more than you can yourself exist in pieces.

My own inner inclinations, my own spiritual path, tends to lean toward dark thoughts, grim feelings. I would argue that my perceptions are no less the truth than a disciple of lights insights. This is why debate is so often fruitless. I think the true challenge is not finding one true way, but finding balance. The heart of the dynamics in your life.

If you feel you suffer, does fleeing the suffering remedy anything? If you feel truly blessed, does indulgence and fixation make that blessed state last any longer? If you would, claim your place in life. Acceptance in both. In accepting you, accept you. So often people say, “Oh no, I have made a terrible mistake. My life is over.” This is very strange thinking, and even after the imbalanced circumstance that they see as their mistake, it resolves itself.

It’s often just very inexperienced thinking. Thinking is often an operation performed on experience. No one needs to try thinking. Thinking is a behaviour of the mind like the pumping rhythm is a behaviour of the heart. Nothing need be tried. Consider, can trying be truly done? Can you try to walk, but not walk? Why is trying an action? Is it not true that you either walk or you don’t?

An intention? But even intention has its own way of behaving. It moves inside of you, eventually resulting in some action about the original object of the intention. The infant doesn’t walk, but it isn’t because walking is impossible. The infant has the intention to move. It is the power of intention. No depression. No dismissal because they tried. Just the ongoing intention to go there. Trying is an idea that we develop later in life. It’s sort of congenital, and I haven’t seen a constructive manifestation of it. What you don’t do is not as simple as people see it.

Intention is dynamic. You can intend and not know the way, but if the intention is strong in you, it moves you there. The intention is its own way. The infant does not try, he or she intends. They intend even when not moving. Trying implies an attempt at action. The intention happens even when there is no action. Motivates continuously renewed action.

Trying, as people understand it, is negative, but there is another way. The proverb is “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” That idea confuses people. You may intuit its meaning, but still it creates a stumbling block. There is something deeper than the admonition to keep trying that needs seeing.

If I try to enter a house thorough the wall and fail. I should keep trying? Because if I keep trying I will make it through the wall? There is more than trying.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Embrace Pleasure and Pain”

  1. Nishkam Prem

    pain will be a counter part of the pleasure, only when derived or gain by violating destined physical and mantel limits, otherwise pleasure is almost without pain. if one restricted to destined physical and mantel limits while enjoying pleasure life is nothing but happiness without fail.

  2. Nishkam Prem

    most of the proverbs are based on aproved experience when it insists upon try and try for success, it can not be regarding the example like to pass through wall. no intention can become reality without efforts. intantion always need to try new ways and means to get success with instinctive force or intelligence.

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