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Popular Feng Shui Tricks in Geomancy

Feng Shui

There is no single school of feng shui even to the point of practices having been passed down as a family trade and kept to that family, but the general principles are universal enough that many schools can be equally constructively used, and as much as many want to claim it’s nonsense, ergonomic architecture resembles feng shui principles more than anything else.

Certain very popular tricks were originally taken from feng shui, like hanging mirrors on the walls to make a space feel larger which makes people more comfortable. Confined spaces are like constricted blood vessels. Even people who claim not to be claustrophobic experience increased signs of stress when in very small spaces, or in spaces with few readily apparent openings. An extreme case example, and this is without any special equipment, just confining people to an otherwise normal room in the dark and they will become very distressed, even fearful for their lives. It doesn’t take very long, really.

I imagine a room that may be long and wide, but only three feet high. Coffin hotels, as practical as they are, no one likes living in them, or does so for any longer than they have to.

In Japan? Yes. What makes them tolerable is that they are situated in rather large plazas, and the person residing there can see outside of their unit.

I was in someone’s house once and couldn’t sit on the couch. The angle of the walls in front of it made it feel awful. The person with the couch was going through another nasty split. i.e. Divorce. Yes, definite negative chi.

They have a room with walls that close in in the psych department at my university. It upset people so much they don’t use it anymore. Is it sound proofed also?

Not sure, but the walls move soundlessly. In that example, the room doesn’t even have to be very small. If it’s very well sound proofed, you will begin to panic also.

That’s like a cruel joke. Yes? The walls moving inward imperceptibly. Yes. Every time you turn your head the furniture seems just a little closer together.

It would drive me crazy.

They have proven that your sense of space and sight is connected to your other senses. You will perceive a sound proofed room as being smaller than it actually is. Even though you might be able to intellectually measure its size, know for a fact that the room is large, you won’t be able to believe that it is.

So any questions about feng shui? Feel I have covered it adequately? Though certainly not exhaustively.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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