'Geomancy' Chapter

Feng Shui

Geomantic practice has two sides to it. A divinatory practice, and an art that approaches “engineering”. Geomancers use a variety of techniques world wide and the “I-ching” is geomantic as well (I-ching = book of change). They all focus on first generating a pulse pattern, and then systematically arranging it using a binary algorithm, for lack of a better term. They read this pattern as it moves through you, and allow you to translate it into events that will manifest in that environment in the case of divination. In the “engineering” facet of geomancy, they recognize some energies and patterns as auspicious, as supportive.

“It is vitally important for a human-made structure to honour and make connections with the physical environment. This creates stability, acceptance by the spirit of the land, and very real anchor lines which allow energy flow between the structure and surrounding landscape.” Ivan McBeth

Invisible Energies

Geomancy is sort of a material “numerology.” But it doesn’t focus on numerological values, instead focusing on recurrent patterns in the earth and how they are reflected/reflect an almost mandala like pattern of the natural/cosmic order. The basic premise is simple.… Seek More

Power of Geography

How to ready “geography” according to geomancy? They were primarily concerned with two things: mountains and rivers. The arrangement of mountain to river was the basic way of determining the healthiness of the energy there, and mountains and rivers have… Seek More

Magick Answers

What do you know about feng shui or divination? Only that it means some lady comes to your house and says you must put your bed in such a place, and you must never open a door while you close… Seek More

Native Geomancy

Polar bears are starving because there is no ice to bring seals around. Other bears can eat almost anything but polar bears usually just hunt seals. Yes. It’s a horrible shame. It would seem poetic justice to put climate denying… Seek More

Ordering Chi Interactions

Feng shui has two elements to it. One spatial, one temporal. The temporal element is where the astronomy kicks in. The Chinese adjusted their positioning of new architecture as well as their location of entirely new communities and grave yards… Seek More

Five Phases Pattern

Any questions about feng shui so far? The basis of the i-ching’s predictive ability, as well as feng shui’s observational and planning utility, is the five phases pattern. The earth elements guide the mixture of objects and the heaven element… Seek More

Medicine for the Earth

Polarity. All relationship patterns are seen as a series of trigrams, and these trigrams are present on a feng shui compass; yin, yang, and transitive. Every material thing is seen as containing three elements in this regard. Three different states… Seek More

Popular Feng Shui Tricks

There is no single school of feng shui even to the point of practices having been passed down as a family trade and kept to that family, but the general principles are universal enough that many schools can be equally… Seek More

Ability to Notice

A lot of Chinese mythology contains references to geomantic influences. The roles being played by those figures may have been more a form of journalistic speculation than simple whimsical story telling. An effort to predict what led to an event… Seek More