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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

Native Geomancy in Geomancy

Feng Shui

Polar bears are starving because there is no ice to bring seals around. Other bears can eat almost anything but polar bears usually just hunt seals. Yes. It’s a horrible shame. It would seem poetic justice to put climate denying politicians in the middle of one of the worlds large deserts, without their money for vehicles of course.

Or jackets. Yes. You can learn to survive, but I wonder how comfortable denial would make them. When you’re brushing dry salt deposits off your shirt and skin, issues of heat look a great deal different.

Oh, they would blame it on something else entirely. They would never admit they were wrong.

I do kind of think the climate changing is not something we can stop. Like it’s a cycle, but maybe humans have put that cycle in overdrive. Geo-engineering. It’s occurring ten times faster then ever before this time. Which is perhaps a good entry point for today’s topic. Feng shui is two words in Chinese, but refers to their native practice of geomancy.

Feng means wind. Shui means water. The original name for the discipline was not this though, it was called Kan Yu. The practice dates back to prehistoric China, but there is evidence it was likely not confined to that culture. Archaeologists have studied feng shui to allow them to make educated guesses about where Native American communities were located as they seemed to observe the same basic principles as the ancient Chinese did. You have probably heard the phrase “heaven and earth” referred to frequently in Chinese cultural references.

I read something about that recently. There’s a Chinese document about some monks coming to the new world before Columbus. An ancient document and the Mayans made mention of it too. Indeed and is likely rather credible. I wouldn’t doubt it at all. They say the Native Americans were likely originally of Siberian descent.

The book is called “Pale Ink.” Interesting, I should look it up.

Siberian = mongol. Mongols being rather distinct from other Asiatic bloodlines. The most obvious feature being greater height. But it’s possible that the same shamanic practice that gave rise to feng shui in China also flourished in the Americas.

You only have to look at some northern tribes of Inuit to see the Asian roots. Another tell tale feature would be sparse to non existent facial hair. Strange for people that live in such a cold region. They think there may have been a little reinforcement of the facial hair gene when the Norse landed in the States and went native. Evidence points to scalping as having been adopted by Native Americans from Norse influence.

They must use Celsius. Actually, it was also likely that the temperatures at the time may not have been as harsh as they were in recent memory.

But yes, feng shui incorporates two different disciplines from the western point of view. The phrase heaven and earth refers to their models incorporating both astronomical as well as geological considerations. In fact, Chinese geomancers were the first to invent the magnetic compass. They also had prehistoric astrolabs as well.

It seems they invented everything. Evidence supports that they invented many things.

And today they make it all. True. They are now the world’s most forward thinking nation technologically speaking.

If the moon was for sale, China would buy it and start building condos and town houses. Not necessarily. There are still principles guiding their activity, and I would not be at all surprised if their predictive algorithms are not influenced by feng shui, at least a little bit. They are still a socialist nation as complicated as that has become for them.

You mean why they are so good at becoming wealthy? Yes. They have a term for that principle as well as their application of five phases theory. Their talents with numbers and technology.

Their talent with technology isn’t novel. They aren’t using new methodology or anything, and their talent with math is related to their language and how deep seated that is in their culture and philosophy. Their philosophical classics have been integrated and discussed for so long now that everyone in their culture knows parts of them even without knowing the source. The principles of feng shui and the hexagrams were in use long before even the i-ching was first penned on any scroll, and unlike westerners who seem to love killing anyone who knows very much, the Chinese never turned on their magicians or scientists. The two really being one ultimately though in an impoverished form today. Even Egypt, had it not suffered so much “enlightened” conquest, would have evolved in the same way. Ethiopia was a very wealthy nation and was known for its seers and scholars as much as for its merchant princes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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