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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Power of Geography in Geomancy


How to ready “geography” according to geomancy?

They were primarily concerned with two things: mountains and rivers. The arrangement of mountain to river was the basic way of determining the healthiness of the energy there, and mountains and rivers have been the most important places in every other tradition too, even if they have slightly different explanations for why. If a hilly range angles sharply into a rivers path, that is said to be a very bad place to live because no mana/chi/prana will be allowed to pool there. Not only that, but the mountain and the river were said to be fighting there. So, not only is there poor energy, but it’s tempestuous.

The famous Merlin himself was likely a student of druidic geomancy. He was contacted in his youth to advise a Noble as to why his tower would continuously fall though they had tried repeatedly and had the best engineers available. Merlin turned to his skills and came back with “a red and white dragon were fighting underneath the foundation”, and that he had to either forgo building there or address a territorial dispute between he and another Noble. He was ignored and the Noble not only didn’t build his tower, but lost more of his kingdom. Does this make sense as an illustration? You may have heard the old saying originally from the hermetic tradition I believe; “As above, so below. As it is within, so shall it be without.”

In that case, the energy on the land was disrupted by the Nobles dispute? The energy of the land was reflective of the Nobles aggressive ambitions. He was over reaching. To apply it to geomancy: As it is within the earth, so shall it be within you. As it is within you, so shall you seek on the earth.

You don’t have to consciously seek anything. We deal with it pretty routinely. Ever have “ants in your pants” and find that you just can’t stay home? Ants are a vector for a geomantic reading also. Notice how easy it is to see ant trails in the dirt? The little critters are functioning largely on reading geomantic energy. Can you share any memorable ant behaviour with me and where you saw it?

Hawaii. Ants were in the bathroom. I can still read that. From where did they enter the bathroom? From through the bathroom wall or from another room? They were following a trail in the grout lines. They were coming in from the kitchen. Ah. Did you feel the weird urge to leave, although the accommodations were otherwise fine? And hear a lot of noise in the building? Not really I was enjoying watching them. They weren’t troublesome, and I never got bitten. Yes. It wouldn’t be the ants that upset you. The ants were following a pattern, and that pattern reads “don’t stay here.” I‘m not commenting on the ants.

In the rainforest in Peru there were ant “highways” across the trail. How were the ant trails on the section of trail you noticed them? Um, not sure. I just remember having to step over. Hmm, felt energized in that spot? Though uncomfy with the pest activity, a sense “you should stay and soak this in”? Oh yes, I bent down to examine them closely. There was likely some powerful geomantic flow there.

What about wasps? Wasps do follow it also. There are nice wasps in a bush in my backyard. They will let you trim the bush and not bother you. Where are the wasps located near you? On the south side of the house. Excellent. Find that people are constantly “buzzing you” and that your friends are almost viciously protective of your home even though they don’t live there? My dogs are very protective and some of my friends. Buzzing me, you mean antagonizing? Nope, steady communication. Oh, then yes. And though it may seem strange, does it feel like your home or your contact info is “secret” even though you may not have made much effort to control it? Yes. Kind of a haven. Yes. I would advise that you do not disturb the wasps nest beyond what you already said they tolerate.

Maybe spiders? They seem to like my place. Spiders are more complex in their geomantic sensitivity. Hmm, spiders liking your place… They like it all or just part, and which part? I find them in the main living area which is also a kitchen. Hmm, well you are a huge nester, and you likely feel stuck where you are. They always head for the bedroom area. Yes, spiders aren’t drawn to negative energy actually. They do seek darkness, but avoid negative darkness. So the energy of your bedroom is likely very peaceful. It would be a power spot for settling arguments, and my guess is your front yard area is swarming with flies, figuratively speaking. You likely live in a noisy neighbourhood.

Our front yard is the home owners back yard, and they don’t cut the lawn. Yes, not surprised. It’s fine they don’t, but it will make it hard to initiate big plans for those dwelling there.

Difficult to make plans because the energy is limited in movement by the unkept area? They live on a geomantic energy knot. Wonderful for healing, and they likely never get sick. Very poor for order or communication beyond loving affection. Problem solving conversation would not get far.

Interesting, what kind of area would support big planning? Open space with a pool of water. Moderate in size and maybe cup shaped, and evenly spaced trees.

They have that when it rains. They have a kiddy pool. Would that work? A kiddy pool can work. What color? Greenish blue and it’s all crumpled up. It would still hold water though. Crumpled isn’t surprising. It‘s evidence of the energy knot, and green helps planning. Blue makes for peace and a dreamy attitude.

It is awaiting trash pick up now. And you will forever have bad trash service there unless a remodel is done, or just a shift in lingering energies.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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