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Overcoming Inertia in Stress


This is a law of the universe. From physics, to chemistry, to biology, the world is a balance between two states; action and rest. Now commonly the default state is seen as rest and there are reasons to believe this, but even zero point resonance isn’t without energy.

Is zero point just balanced? Basically yes, but it does not mean cancelled out. No real void or zeroed state anywhere, but there are states that are functionally that way for our perception.

Not even in math with the discovery of zero. Zero is still a mysterious concept. We don’t really have any proof of zero.

So stress is any energy expended to overcome inertia. When someone asks you what you are thinking or what you are doing, and you say nothing, this isn’t actually true. You are just in a state of inertia, and it would be more accurate to say “nothing new” than to say nothing as in “nothing at all“.

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They say the only constant is change, and this is actually true. You can even endure stress to stay the same, because even if you think you are a wallflower, the world doesn’t stop dancing. Stress is energy expended to overcome inertia. That’s any inertia, your own or the world. Now in my experience, if you entertain the idea that you can take on the world and it’s inertia, this works very poorly in the short term and not at all in the long term. People get very insecure when they realize the inevitability of this.

Why would one want to “take on the world“? Because sometimes the world seems to take on you. This is why ego is a problem. People want to think of themselves as self made men and women. Is there any evidence to support this notion?

No. Life happens when you’re busy thinking it. Yes. It’s good we aren’t self made. We would probably forget we needed ways to renew our bodies, and the world would be remarkably devoid of human life. But as Sting sang to us, there is a deeper way than this in the world and a lot of our negative stress, if not all of it, comes from a rejection of this deeper way in favour of ego.

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Travis Saunders
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