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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

The World Working in Change


If you tell me my car was stolen, and I was not concerned about my car, not focused on anything to do with the car, is that really change for me? Oh, it might change for me later as my focus changes, but what if I have an attitude that the car just doesn’t matter, doesn’t and never will. Would its removal be change then?

Change is degree of impact, and degree of impact is determined by the amount of focus on it? Change as we define it doesn’t really exist, we don’t even really think about change until we are disturbed. Events happen and perception happens.

So change in the world really doesn’t matter. It has no impact unless it’s in our focus? Yes, otherwise it’s the world working as usual.

If you can’t let go then you can’t handle change very well? Yes, exactly, but ask yourself. What do you actually have? What do you actually own and control that isn’t a part of this big world system?

If you don’t want the change, but it has to be? People don’t want floods, but nothing is really different about the world because of a flood. The world floods.

I only own me. Do you own you, or are you who you are?   We don’t ‘own’ ourselves, but the one thing that we always have is our self no matter what happens or changes. The secret of peace and clear perception is that.

In all of the change there is endurance. If something doesn’t change, it still does in that the context of its existence changes. The pyramids are still here, yet Egypt is very different. So what the pyramids are now has changed, though they have endured. Even if you were immortal, the world system is living, growing, and events happen. You would change.

They were well built so they would have to endure. Yes, and this raises a point.  In Taoism, the source of the I-ching, also known as the Book of Change, they say that which goes against the Tao cannot stand. That to deny reality will prevent the endurance of whatever arises. So in fact I’m not saying the center cannot hold, quite the opposite. I’m saying the center is infinite, and can hold because it’s dynamic.

Anything that’s around it, that isn’t centered, can’t hold? Exactly.

Like the eye of a storm? :smile: Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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