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Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Fear of Change in Change


To overcome my fear of change, I need to work on my focus? Yes, change is what you see it to be. Realize that change is what you say it is. What you think, and feel, and believe it is.

I have had people be aghast at what I find to be indifference in my life. They wonder why I don’t go crazy, and burn everything, and attack everyone. But in fact, I see so much of entropy, so much of disorder, that I see what it is. It isn’t a mystery. Birth and rebirth aren’t a mystery. Hope springs eternal, and hope is dynamic. In all that I have lost, all that I have suffered, I am still here and things keep happening.

If my car is stolen and it was my life, focus on the bus and the impact of the change immediately shifts? Yes, and you don’t have to “be realistic” in your focus. I recently had a scare with my mother.  She was focused on the reality that her case worker hadn’t brought her meds. She was very focused. She saw it as a problem, and said she couldn’t do anything about it. To her she was being realistic. There is no such thing as realistic, so being realistic is being insane. What do you think is real now? Give it a while, it will change. For myself, I’m supposedly out of touch with reality, and I am routinely criticized for it. Simple reason, if I decide something should be done, I do it, see to it.

Are we even sure that there is a reality? Good question, any change is a change in your mind. Anyone who knows me well knows my mind changes rapidly.

So people get annoyed when you don’t react to a big event? Yes, they get very upset. They don’t even trust me, because I won’t plug into their reality.

I do have a realm of concern. I choose it on purpose, and as far as my rapidly changing mind goes, those who can attest to it would also say there is a consistency. The engine has a center, a drive shaft, and I go, and making a scene is just generating a pointless event.  We don’t need to know about events. Many people drive themselves insane trying to understand events. Why they were mistreated, why they failed, why no one has yet chosen to make them the center of their world. This is self deception. What we need to know about is really quite simple. All of our tools, all of our stuff, exist to serve us. It is designed to do what we expect it to do. All of what we see, all of what we do, is what we expect to see and do. We live in self made worlds. We don’t need to know why something happened, we need to really answer; “What was I thinking?”

When we change that is often the question we have, “What was I thinking?”.  The reason is that we are like the person who is trying to drive who insists that they only need to push the gas pedal and the car should drive itself. Because that would be easy, we would enjoy that but do we enjoy ourselves?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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