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If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

See In Darkness in Psychic Vampirism

Psychic Vampire

The cane fields parted last night. One half went to the right, the other half to the left. A clear line was drawn. The darkness of that message was on its path.

So you read this omen? As it was happening, I could smell the change in the air. It was pungent. I got chicken skin. I knew a deity was present. A being not a person, but it was passing by. There are routes they take, and we knew it was on one of its routes. My companion near freaked out, so I worked with him to dispel his fear. To explain this moment. To understand accepting the passage of darkness and the gift of being witness to it. It is as you say, attitudes so color acceptance and acknowledgement. When the fields part like that it is “unnatural“, and a chill comes to many.

Their presence feels very cold, but it has an electric quality and dulls perception. Clouds your mind. It drops your guard so you can be drained easier, but there are ways to resist. How do you? Soon as the signals appear like the visuals and the sensory, we have comments or prayer to invoke. One of them is a mahalo, an acknowledgement of its presence.

Awareness of your own spirit and centering in a positive attitude helps. Often times, the draining presence isn’t even a “vampire”. It’s just angry, but you can even tell the difference there.  You can maybe share how the presences give us energy.

Back to the cane field story, with the bristling of recognition comes a choice to let it be negative or positive. The mahalo moment is when we say yes you are here, or check it out baby, and it being recognized responds too. We take that and have choice. My friend chose to let some of that negative in, and the dark passer liked that. Yes, it’s like the spirit world has two sides, two realms.  Some of these things are repetitive too, because they follow a cycle much like the warm spirits do. The “living” spirits.

There are those of us who by our nature are different. Who as much as we might like to walk in the sun, walk on those paths like the one you described. See, but it’s between. See in the “darkness”, and it teaches different lessons, and feeds the body and the soul differently. It is perhaps not as “loving” as the earth. The earth is like a window, two sided, and the earth doesn’t play favourites, but what people call natural is the “sunlit world” for lack of a better term, and then there is that which exists in shadow out of normal sight. It still belongs whether humans think it’s evil or not. Those dark shifts I mentioned, are they as common as they used to be?

The global opinion is that the Earth Mother favours healers. They walk in the light. They ban together and work light. But we see phases, and it depends also on who is aware.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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