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Sense the Smell of Energy in Law of Synchronicity

Law of Synchronicity

I keep reminding myself that a small change now will result in a big deviation down the line. Indeed, and this is the purpose for recognizing synchronicity, why we have the instinct for it that we do.

Our minds behaviour is shaped sort of like the behaviour of a fish. Just as a fish can sense the general flow of the waters around them, we are innately sensitive to the general flow of “intentional” energy around us, and just as they can tell if they are swimming upstream or down, into fresh water or brine, even into predatory waters, we can sense the general “smell” of the energy around us. “Taste” the environment and tell at least unconsciously both what has happened there and what is likely to happen there in the near future.

Now the waves behave more like cosmic waves than fluid waves, are more holographic in nature, omni-directional, so though I compare it to a fishes sense, it would be more like that of a bat or dolphin. An echo-location that requires us to make the first noise and pay careful attention to the bounce back.

Jung coined the term “synchronicity….” He did, yes. So it has some heavy psychological implications. It arguably forms the basis of cognitive function. But you’ve expanded that view. Hopefully in a way that seems more enlightening than obfuscating.

Sometimes I feel a “shift” that I term “synchronicity.” It is a shift in awareness or how I have awareness of that moment. A connection between things that previously didn’t seem connected. It’s pattern recognition. Your brain is set up to recognize both things it’s been “conditioned” to recognize, and things it’s fundamentally, genetically predisposed to recognize. So hormonal shifts in a parent, who was predisposed to depression or aggression, while not manifesting overtly as the behavioural trait in you necessarily, will sensitize you to behaviour around you that is related to that parent of grandparent of great grandparent’s constitutional predilection.

Your thoughts are welcome. Till next time, enjoy your personal reality.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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