'Law of Synchronicity' Chapter

Law of Synchronicity

The simple recognition that your brain has the ability to recognize patterns that run deeper than rationalistic thought or materialistic causality is all that is necessary to begin exploring the law of synchronicity. All of what is relevant to us begins in our minds.The behaviour of thought as we experience it follows an intelligible pattern.

Synchronicities are a communal phenomenon. The synchronous event is recognized by your brain, but it occurs in the brains of everyone and everything involve. This insight into the interaction of beings in the world around us has predictive value.

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“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.” Dalai Lama

Before the Age of Reason

According to strictly scientific thinking, causality is at most a useful fiction. No matter the event, there is only the possibility that it will happen. Some things are highly probable, but nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty, which in… Seek More

Everything Relevant Begins in our Minds

Events that occur together arise out of the same substrate or medium that allows anything to occur in a given time and place at all, and the same process, by which we become aware of an event, has its parallel… Seek More

Probably There

Let’s consider the apparent order of any given situation. Anyone care to pick one to serve as an example? You mentioned earlier about the sun rising and our observation of that. That works. The sun rises every day. As far… Seek More

A Communal Phenomenon

Applying the law of synchronicity can be as simple as having a different thought? It can, yes, and your habitual thoughts show up as synchronicities in your environment. But perhaps some clarification… Habitual thoughts don’t have to be conscious thoughts.… Seek More

Sense the Smell of Energy

I keep reminding myself that a small change now will result in a big deviation down the line. Indeed, and this is the purpose for recognizing synchronicity, why we have the instinct for it that we do. Our minds behaviour… Seek More