Energy follows two identifiable patterns, action and rest and we don’t get to choose to exclude one.

Probably There in Law of Synchronicity

Law of Synchronicity

Let’s consider the apparent order of any given situation. Anyone care to pick one to serve as an example?

You mentioned earlier about the sun rising and our observation of that. That works.

The sun rises every day. As far as most people are concerned that is adequate to understand the passage of a day. The lore behind astronomical events is more esoteric than most people need to understand. As the sun rises, the process of events seems to shift, things get busier. The world “wakes up” as if it was sleeping, like our brain does, but things don’t just go from off to on do they? Does the world go from resting to full speed activity?

So far, this is all a series of observations that are “coincidental”, and perhaps from one point of view meaningless, but for the rest of us these are such meaningful truths that they even go without saying. These observations don’t tell you anything “real” about reality, or do they?

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The observation that you are breathing is subjective. Looked at from another point of view your lungs are just spasming reflexively, and your cells are carrying out the process of respiration individually, but we put those things together and say we are breathing, and that also is a simple and “obvious” truth.

To me, there is no synchronicity in breathing. You have no rational reason to believe you will take another breath. Nothing physically guarantees that it will happen. When the sun rises, most of us anticipate we will see the full length of the day’s events.

I ponder how large a role “expectation” has in our experiences of “reality.” Expectation is how synchronicity is recognized, and also why it is discounted.

Perhaps I should bring it down to earth. Even without looking for the roots of synchronicity in the workings of the physical world, we have the experience of the passing of a day, the seemingly linear passage of time. We believe a day starts and ends, even if we don’t believe it’s literally true, and we often believe that how a day starts will color the events that occur in the full duration of the day.

There is a lot of figurative language… “Sun rises” “day ends,” etc. “Getting out of bed on the wrong side,” for example.

Even the moment as you experience it is literally an aftereffect of neural processes. Science will back that up. When you realize that you are enjoying the taste of your morning meal, it’s already been through a set of processes that occurred before you could be aware of having tasted anything at all, so your sensory perceptions themselves are “synchronicities.”

Now the same processes that tell you that you “need” your morning coffee, affects your behavior all throughout your day, again, before you were aware of seeing anything or thinking anything at all. You see what you expect to see, and with reason, not because it’s objectively there. Strictly speaking, it’s only probably there.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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