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I talk a lot does it make me a fool? I am saying silence by itself isn’t wisdom. A man of few words can just be dull.

A Communal Phenomenon in Law of Synchronicity

Law of Synchronicity

Applying the law of synchronicity can be as simple as having a different thought? It can, yes, and your habitual thoughts show up as synchronicities in your environment. But perhaps some clarification…

Habitual thoughts don’t have to be conscious thoughts. There are many experiments, that are reliably reproduced in labs these days, that can “prime” your brain with the expectation of seeing or hearing something, even while what they show you doesn’t contain what they set you up to perceive.

Synchronicities are a communal phenomenon. The synchronous event is recognized by your brain, but it occurs in the brains of everyone and everything involved. A collective unconsciousness.

“We see the world as WE are, not as ‘it’ is.”? That is largely the truth, but it’s not the absolute truth, and it’s the exceptions to that rule that are useful to us.

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Events arise because we live in a world of beings that are capable of taking action, and that includes plants and animals as well as humans. In fact, it even includes presences and materials we don’t typically think of as alive. A chemical injected in your bloodstream is also capable of taking action, being possessed of information or “intelligence”, if of a very limited scope. What is our own intelligence other than possessing information and being able to act on it?

We live in a world filled with beings capable of taking action. Each of these beings has within it information that shapes its behaviour, and not only its behaviour but the behaviour of things around it as well. Your dog can get your attention, a tree can influence your state of well-being, and by doing so they shape the emergence of an “event.” The traits of each being work together to collectively create each and every event we experience.

A tree can influence my state of well-being if I value the tree. Even if you don’t value the tree. The whole needing oxygen things counts I think.

This insight into the interaction of beings in the world around us has predictive value. We “sample” elements of other beings behaviour. We notice little things like a change in behaviour of our pet say, or our spouse, and though it would seem to have no implied outcome, we can intuit that the thing we noticed will progress into a bigger and more complex event, and that event will spark other related events, again, that wouldn’t seem to be obviously related. Perhaps a husband in his growing unease frowns at someone he doesn’t know on the street, which casts a shadow on this strangers mood who goes on to make a critical remark to the cashier at the coffee shop.

I have an image of a rising wave that carries many seemingly unrelated things on it. Exactly, a tide of causal energy, seemingly formless but also acting as a unified whole. We can anticipate that the rising tide may wash us off the rocks. Would it be so strange to be able to anticipate a stock market drop from the shifting energy of events around us?

But it’s not all a raging chaotic mess either. In little calmer “pools” of causal energy, isolated social circles, small communities… Well, just as dropping a small rock into a calm pond can make a ripple, we can deliberately use the connectedness of the energy, and thus the events around us, to create change in our environment, because we personally are a part of the flow. Why that doesn’t seem easy to do, necessarily, is that we can’t easily change our own mind.

The arbitrary decision that you now think differently, does that really work for much? Can we really change how our mind works on a whim?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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