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Supportive Coexistence in Epigenesis


Epigenesis is primarily a word used to describe the process of development that any organism goes through as they mature, yet there is more to it. Though there is solid evidence to support these observations, you won’t commonly hear about them.

In classical evolutionary theory, organisms are thought to evolve through competition summarized by the phrase “survival” of the fittest. But there is solid evidence behind the notion that complex life on this planet evolved through a process that has been observed to occur, called endosymbiosis. One organism enveloping another and rather than breaking down and absorbing it’s materials, instead the two organisms in a sense “negotiated” a state of supportive coexistence.

Is that sort of like how they think dinosaurs evolved into birds and didn’t really die out? Historically, there have been a chain of “die-offs”, but total obliteration is not as common as it might seem according to popular thinking. Some dinosaurs didn’t even change their form.

Our own cells have one such relationship readily observable, but there are more. The obvious one being the mitochondria in our cells, but they have found that a good portion of the cell colony, that is our body, is made up of cells that are “foreign” to the body, to the point that if you lost, say, the bacteria in your stomach and throat, you would be sickened by it or even unable to survive.

Almost like parasites, but helpful. Yes, to the point where we even utilize the processes present in the symbiote to compensate for what our own genome doesn’t do. Our body treats the genome as if it is ours.

I’ve heard that butterflies and caterpillars are like two creatures in the same body. This must be the same sort of thing. Yes, good example. Life’s mutability is much greater than classical evolution can account for, and they are discovering more and more evidence of this all the time. Mendelian inheritance is not an accurate or complete model of how we inherit traits from our parents. There are two processes that modify the expression of what might otherwise be considered dominant traits. So due to simple chemical processes that don’t even rewrite the parents genetic code, the offspring will inherit a genetic imprint that reflects as if that gene sequence had been changed.

They are discovering that the planets weather is much more powerfully affected with much more in the way of complex shifts than they thought of before, and simple adaptions in our personal cellular biology, even something as simple as a dietary shift, can alter what we pass on to others, or even what gets reproduced in our own cellular reproduction.

Like parents who are around smoke during pregnancy may have a child who is chronically overweight. Indeed, that would be one example.

Now here is something even more strange, might seem a bit disturbing even. Your body takes on living cells from other people which can survive for potentially quite a long time.

From kissing? Any intimate contact. They have found cells from a gestating baby in a mothers brain, as well as from a male partner in a woman’s body.

What about energetically? Well, these cells are still alive, and still behave as they did originally in the contributing body.

So if your girlfriend is with another guy, his cells could wind up in your body? Potentially, yes. If you should happen to contact someone’s bleeding wound, the same could happen, and there is normally no negative consequence.

So that blood brothers thing is not just a kids game? No, not just a kids game, even if people originally didn’t understand what they were doing.

Now you are all familiar with how cells have an electromagnetic signature, yes? Pretty much any cell could differentiate into any other cell, though this usually requires technological manipulation. Well, your body doesn’t distinguish between these newly donated cells and your native ones. So say a neuron, touching on one of the donated cells, will pick up signals from it as if it was simply the cell that was “supposed” to be there.

Doctors put you on suppressant drugs for transplant because the body may reject a donor. What about that? It’s a matter of degree. This is why you can be a carrier of a living virus, and show no symptoms of illness yourself but still infect someone else. Donor cells in large concentrations trigger an immune response, in small samples they do not. This is also why you can safely receive a blood transfusion.

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