'Epigenesis' Chapter


Life as we know it could not have even arisen if it were not for some species looking to promote the well being of their hosts.

Our bodies are like little worlds with a lot of species inhabiting them, and our collective unconscious would be the “intelligence” of a being vastly more complex than we as individuals are. It doesn’t control you, nor do you control it. The information transcends something as petty as patterns of control.

Supportive Coexistence

Epigenesis is primarily a word used to describe the process of development that any organism goes through as they mature, yet there is more to it. Though there is solid evidence to support these observations, you won’t commonly hear about… Seek More

Cooperative Intelligence

Let’s rewind a bit. The physical basis of cell formation, the simple chemical forces that cause DNA to form, this is an innate aspect of matter to the point where we can now produce synthetic parallels to human DNA. XNA… Seek More

Social Animal is a Hybrid Animal

Everyone familiar with mitosis? Asexual reproduction? When a certain degree of differentiation has occurred, there is a sort of “pulling in” or gathering of all the information generated, and as this information is focused it is also distilled and used… Seek More

Epic Genesis Online

I have an idea about the internet. What if humanity is beginning to find a new way of communicating with itself on a mind/soul level, collectively. It appears that everyone out here is intermingling to some degree with many others,… Seek More