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Cooperative Intelligence in Epigenesis


Let’s rewind a bit.

The physical basis of cell formation, the simple chemical forces that cause DNA to form, this is an innate aspect of matter to the point where we can now produce synthetic parallels to human DNA. XNA they call it. It isn’t human DNA, and it isn’t necessarily compatible with human DNA, but it could be as much as our medications can have therapeutic impact on our bodies systems.

This is more than stem cells which they’re already doing? Ah, indeed, more than stem cells. One very impressive case they are working with now, and with some success, is a modified t-cell treatment. They take a blood sample from someone, and then after infecting the white blood cells with a neutralized version of the AIDS¬†virus, they re-release these cells into the hosts blood stream. This variant of the ¬†AIDS virus has been tweaked so that it rewrites these white blood cells to focus on killing only cancer cells. No chemo, just a genetically tweaked version of what your body already does.

Can they kill AIDS too? They haven’t done that yet. When they get isolated samples they can kill or neutralize that, but an active AIDS colony still mutates too rapidly to be itself easily eradicated. Though they do now have enough understanding of it that with continued treatment an AIDS sufferer could potentially live out their entire life, sort of like a diabetic on insulin therapy. This is why you don’t hear about it as much as we once did.

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Weren’t a few people able to heal from AIDS? Remission.

Couldn’t they make a serum from their blood? Well, because of how AIDS behaves, it’s more like a variety of viruses. So a serum that could stop one might do nothing to a mutated version of it.

So yes, DNA and the other material that effect it… A negative example would be carcinogens, but really any mutagen, are all coexisting and interacting with each other right now on a bacterial level, and really, even what we would consider a non-organic level. It doesn’t take the environment of a cell for the reactions to take place.

I’ve heard parents call their baby a test tube of viruses. Children are commonly very infectious. This process is necessary.

I suppose all working to achieve an equilibrium of sorts? Yes, a symbiosis. Life as we know it could not have even arisen if it were not for some species looking to promote the well being of their hosts. We can even notice this on a obvious physical level. There are fungi that have a strong influence on the behaviour of ants they “infest”, and they don’t do anything like kill the ant. Just changes in the fungi biochemistry induce a response in the ants nervous system and modify its behaviour, changing its diet for example, though they look like distinct organisms.

Sounds like something from Animal Planet. Some animals would get sick without their parasitic companions.

I’ve heard that termites have parasites in them which enable them to eat wood.

So who is the controller? Neither, really. Control seems to arise as a complex outgrowth of their interaction. In a sense, the behaviour of the symbiotic organism stems from a cooperative intelligence.

Well, we can’t live without our mitochondria. Indeed, no mitochondria would lead to cell death, but the intelligence behind these processes was present even before the symbiotic bond occurred.

Our bodies are like little worlds with a lot of species inhabiting them? Excellent, this is indeed true, and our collective unconscious would be the “intelligence” of a being vastly more complex than we as individuals are. It doesn’t control you, nor do you control it. The information transcends something as petty as patterns of control.

But we are part of it? The collective unconscious? We are in a sense part of it, yes.

Much more potential is possible, greater then the sum as they say. Yes, the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

So what are “we”? We are “differentiation” engines, if you like. Just as our stem cells differentiate into the various specialized cells of our bodies, our minds differentiate consciousness into a vast array of domains of awareness. We process information that moves beyond the material into the energetic or quantum.

Do we leave pieces of our energy in other places?

All this would seem to suggest we have a lot of ability to evolve and adapt more then the ‘survival of the fittest’ would suggest. Indeed, and as far as leaving pieces of our energy in different places, well, there is no meaningful differentiation of place. Our energy is “non-local.”

Interesting that the last century model would have a ‘competition’ bias, basically mirroring the thought process of society as a whole. Yes, viral you might say. Which would explain the basic behaviour of the internet up to this point as well perhaps? There is a summation of the process of differentiation.

You mean everyone on the net? The vast majority on the net, yes. Many examples of internet “culture.”

Does a residual of our minds stay here on the net? Indeed, the thoughts, and the mind that thought them, are never separate.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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