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Spirituality is life. Any part of life you are in.

Social Animal is a Hybrid Animal in Epigenesis


Everyone familiar with mitosis? Asexual reproduction?

When a certain degree of differentiation has occurred, there is a sort of “pulling in” or gathering of all the information generated, and as this information is focused it is also distilled and used to spawn a copy of the original “mind” though not identical, just possessed of the source code arrived at by the parent consciousness.

Does this replication have a different energy? It does.

And the energy comes from the collective unconscious? Indeed. Epigenesis is not only biological. It’s also psychological and sociological.

Everything in evolution is a mix of creating.

The energies and events that imprint on your mind serve the same purpose as the chemicals that imprint on your biology, and the communicated, as well as enacted, behaviour of you as an individual, serves the same purpose for the social entity as your experiences served for your individual mind.

So we must trust and use our intelligence. Indeed. The social animal is a hybrid animal, and exists beyond any single instance of a host organism. The social animal even includes those species that have become “companions” for us. They are endosymbiotes of the “human” social animal. To state it more simply perhaps… The internet cats have as big a role in the collective, that is the human social animal, as human beings do.

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So we never have to give up individuality in the whole, just elevate the ego. Indeed, not only do we never have to give up individuality, the effort to negate our individuality would do harm to the whole, weaken it, even sicken it.

Apparently, armies and prisons don’t understand that principle.¬†And they don’t work as aids to personal development.

Could we negate our individual consciousness? As you try to negate your individual consciousness, you will experience a resistance. Reality itself will begin to take action to draw out and emphasize the very same things you are trying to negate. This is why people get the impression that the world “tests” you. It doesn’t do this to threaten you or even to change you, it’s “pinging” you like you might send a test signal down your internet connection.

Make sure you participate? Yes, because it needs you to. This is why you are here at all.

So you can run but you cannot hide? Where could you go that is not in reality? Even the behaviour of your imagination is possible in reality, preserves the context of reality as a whole even if you have tried to shoot it full of holes with selective attention, also known as denial.

What about multiple personalities? Are those different energies? Differentiation glitch. Those personalities are never fully complete individuals, always taking on a “two dimensional” aspect of what should be a whole personality.

Are they from the same persona? Sometimes they are a donated element. Sometimes they are just an encysted part of the persons original psyche. The mind is like the heart or lungs, multi-chambered. It is supposed to be. This is what allows the proper balance and flow of information “pressure.”

Pumping psychic energy through various chambers? Yes, and out into the collective unconscious as well.

Evolution in this model is constantly combining organisms to see what works well? Exactly. Constantly adapting equilibrium, but yes, the chambered mind is the mechanism behind the creative urge, the driver behind the psychic side of epigenesis.

Life is tension. Tension and relaxation. Strife and rest.

In the quantum field? Even in the quantum field. This is why energy shifts to different levels of vibration, increasing “tension” or physical excitation, and then rest. Hot things can be considered very “tense” things. An unstable star could be considered a being that thinks too much, that is losing focus.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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