Life seems to deal in a quantum way, in whole units.

Epic Genesis Online in Epigenesis


I have an idea about the internet. What if humanity is beginning to find a new way of communicating with itself on a mind/soul level, collectively. It appears that everyone out here is intermingling to some degree with many others, mind to mind, and they are intercommunicating on a deeper level. Worlds biggest MMO?

What is MMO? Massively, multiplayer, online game. EPIGENESIS-ONLINE … Nothing more epic! But there is something different happening online, especially with self organizing communities. They are like the self organizing systems studied in computer science.

I think there is a game waiting to be invented in that. They have already done one at least, Minecraft. Minecraft is a game of making things, with some element of survival included if you want it, and it follows a scale that is as big as our planet though the structure is primitive. Cubes. Everything is blocks. There is some thinking that there is a change in the worlds view of games. So far games are basically power trip fantasies, and no one thought anything else would sell, but you can’t really power trip in Minecraft, and it’s huge.

It seems the folks out here are very creative, either writing or building. We do have a collective unconscious, so to speak, out here. So maybe we are evolving out here in our minds? Taking us out of so called “real space”, perhaps we are discovering an even more real space.

A higher vibrational reality maybe and why do so many focus on the fae realm? The fae real is the realm of dreams.

Maybe we are starting to pick into it, bring it into our time? Like our ancestors did. Perhaps this technology is supporting a return to awareness of it.

Funny that there are tons of faerie sims in Second Life, but very few sci-fi sims. Virtual reality is a huge concept of sci-fi.

Maybe we are actually in those fae realms, another part of us, so we are acting out our lives here now. Sci fi… future viewing. Nice in that we can tweak the future. I have met people in games like World of Warcraft (WoW) who were much more interested in crafting and research than combating monsters.

I wonder if there will be more of a tendency to free creative expression and less combat? Fighting monsters isn’t automatically a negative metaphor.

Why so much combat in fantasy land? Ah, fae hunger for glamour, need conflict, but that can be other than violence. We dream from a deeply feeling place, emotion and pathos, imagination and nightmare. These are the “sunshine” of the dream realm. The source of all energy there. This is why fae get up to mischief. They need to be seen. They need the reaction. All war just numbs and stuns people, and lets imagination go out the window. All peace leads to boredom and apathy, again imagination goes out the window.

The tree dreams. We call a tree’s dream a dryad.

The flowers dream. We call those dreams pixies. They don’t need humanity to dream them, but it does help, and what is life without contact anyway?

True, no experience… no us. It’s the same for fae.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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